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synesthesia1821 - October 6

im 34 weeks and 2 days, and I've been having really painful contractions for the last hour and a half... They're tightening sensations in my stomach and pain in my stomach and lower back. Accompanied by what feels like severe menstrual cramps... they haven't gone away and have come consistently for over an hour and a half. is this normal? they hurt! aren't braxton hicks not supposed to hurt? and wouldn't it have stopped by now if that was all it is? im concerned.- i havent had an internal exam for a couple weeks, but not to be gross but it feels different in there... softer. so i think ive effaced... and im pretty sure ive lost part of my mucous plug already too, over the last couple weeks. anyone, HELP?


Ashley86 - October 6

hey well I dunno what to tell you...I'd say check into L&D if you are feeling that unsure. They can help ease your fears or treat you if you need to be treated. I've neverad real contractions myself beforethat I know of but I did have a petty rough night earlier. The onething that eased my mind was absence of lower back pain...if you're having that also though...better safe than sorry right?


Tory1980 - October 6

Braxton Hicks can be painful but any more than four of them painful or not or more than four contractions in an hour means you need to go to the hospital and get checked. I delivered my son at 34 weeks and all I went for was because I had a spot of pinky coloured discharge after going to the toilet and I couldn't sit comfortably. I only a__sume that is when my waters went (on the toilet) as by the time I got to the hospital I was 6cms dilated and they couldn't stop the labour. I would get checked asap!!


claire83 - October 6

i would phone and get advice from the hospital as they would probably say go in good luck


HeavenisMine - October 6

I agree, go get checked now, better safe than sorry!:)



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