NEED HELP NOW 37 Weeks And Bleeding

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lucienne78 - March 24

I just got back from my first internal with my doctor (I'm 2 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced). After I left the doctors office, I felt a lot of wetness below. I thought that maybe it's just because of the lubricant the doctor used, so I didn't think much of it. So when I got home, I went to the bathroom and I'm bleeding like I have my period. I called the doctor and he said that it's probably just from the internal, but I really don't think i should be bleeding this much. I don't know what to do. Anyone have any advice.


mstlot - March 24



krnj - March 24

Yes I would go to the hospital ASAP!! Good luck!


shannan - March 24

I would definitely call the Dr. back. If the office is closed there should be an emergency # the answering service gives you to call whatever Dr. is oncall. Make sure to let the Dr. know how much you are bleeding. Good luck with everything and keep us informed.


Rabbits07 - March 24

I'm with the others. Go to the ER and insist on being seen. It's normal to spot lightly after an internal, but not to bleed like a period.


CDN Baby - March 26

You may have lost your mucus plug. I had the same thing for a week at 36 weeks, and then nothing now. I'm 37 weeks. I've had bleeding on and off since 32 weeks. My Dr. said to stay on bed rest so I don't go pre-term because I'm sensitive down there.


mama3 - March 26

How are you doing now? Did you goto the hospital or just what to see if it stoped? Hope you are ok.


lucienne78 - March 26

First, thanks to everyone for responding. Right after I posted, I ended up calling my doctor again and he a__sured me that everything is fine. He told me to lie down and take it easy. Later on that night, the bleeding finally stopped (3 pads later). But I've been noticing that yesterday and today, every once in a while when I go to the bathroom, there is a little bit of blood when I wipe. I'm not freaking out, because the baby is moving around a lot. So again, thank you to everyone for posting. Also, since the doctor did the internal, I have been having more contractions then I usually do. Not sure if it is related.


sphinxminx - March 26

I'm glad you called your doctor back, but sometimes docs are not always right and if anything has you worried go to emergency. It's better to safe then sorry. Believe me you won't be the first women sent back home because they were worried about something. Plus come on the doctor could still be wrong with his diagnosis they are not always 100% percent right and not all diagnosis' can be called over the phone. Believe me and the other ladies that sometimes a mothers intuition is better the the docs, plus if the doc is right at least you can be 100% sure by being checked out. Don't worry about the doc being right about the diagnosis is the first place you won't be the first or the last person sent home from emerge over bleeding.


Rabbits07 - March 26

lucienne, I'm glad everything seems to be going okay for you. Just wanted to ask if you have had an ultrasound recently? There is a condition called placenta previa in which the placenta completely or partially covers the cervix. As the cervix begins to dilate and thin in preparation for labor bleeding can occur and is especially common after an internal exam. I would make sure to mention how much I bled to my doctor (3 pads is alot) and request an ultrasound to check for placenta previa. It is possible for the placenta to move and it may have strated already, but a woman with placenta previa is not supposed to have internal examinations done and if the placenta does not move a c-section is usually required as ma__sive bleeding can occur. I'm not trying to scare you....I just want to make sure you know all the possibilities for the safety of you and your baby.


mstlot - March 26

I agree with Rabbits07. You should definitly inquire a little further. Better safe than sorry... take care and good luck!


lucienne78 - March 26

Hi Rabbits07 - I actually had marginal placenta previa throughout the beginning of my pregnancy. My doctor was keeping a very close eye on it and at my 32 week u/s, my placenta had moved up completely. Thank God! I was thinking that maybe it was that - but then that would mean the placenta moved back down, which I never heard of happening before. I agree that 3 pads is a lot and I really thought that my doctor would have been more concerned. I go to a group of doctors, so I have to see each one (there are four of them), because obviously we don't know who is going to be on call the day I go into labor. The doctor that did the internal is the doctor that I really am not too fond of. And, of course, he was the doctor that was on call after the office was closed, so I had to keep on speaking to him. I'm going back to the doctor on Thursday (seeing the one I like the best) and I'm going to bring it up to her. Maybe she'll send me for another u/s.


meme - March 27

This would be just one reason why my personal philosophy for my own body is I'm going to steer clear of internals.


Daniella - March 31

lucienne- did your doctor strip your membranes when he was down there?? I've heard of so many woman here who had their internal exams and the doctor actually stripped their membranes without the patient knowing it. Even some that had it wrote down they did not want this and the doctor still did it without consent. Its normal to have very light bleeding after s_x or after an internal, but that much makes me wonder what the doctor did. I would make sure.


lucienne78 - March 31

Hi Daniella - No, he didn't strip my membranes. I went to the doctor yesterday for another internal, and saw the doctor that I feel more comfortable with (I go to a doctors group - so there are 3 or 4 in total that I go to). She did an internal and it didn't hurt at all. After it was done, I asked her if I would bleed again like I did the last time and she was shocked to hear that I went through three pads. She made a comment saying that I must have had a rough internal, so now I really don't want the other doctor delivering my baby. So I'm actually going to call today and find out if there is any way, even if he's on call, to not have him while I deliver. Hopefully, they can work something out for me.


Daniella - March 31

lucienne- yea, thats what I mean... you shouldnt' have bled that much, so it made me wonder what he did to you. Maybe he didn't strip your membranes, but what the heck did he do. I don't blame you for wanting someone else now. Yikes!! Anyhow, I am glad to hear that you got a good exam today with a better doctor. How did everything look today, whats your progress now, and how far are you exactly?


lucienne78 - March 31

Hi Daniella - Now I'm 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced so my doctor thinks that I can go in any day now. But it really is just an educated guess. I'm hoping that I go in this weekend. I'll be 38 weeks on Monday. My due date is April 17th, but my doctor is pretty sure I'll be before that.



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