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BaByCrAzY - June 10

I have 2 cats. They are 1 and 2 years old. The last few months they've been spraying urine; they are both female. I did some research and apparently getting them fixed doesn't necessarily stop them from spraying. It makes me ill to think of having my baby anywhere near this. I'm totally disgusted by it and am constantly scrubbing floors walls etc... But I also am very attached to my kitties. I decided today that we would have to get rid of them before the baby comes ( I'm 35 weeks ). Am I doing the right thing? Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experience. Thanks


Brenda M - June 10

Hi BabyCrazy! I also have (2) cats, and went through the same thing about a year ago. One cat was four and the other was about two. There was no way I was getting rid of them (though my husband was ready to toss them outside!), and I seriously tried every single piece of advice I found online--sprays, Feliway plug-ins, citrus oil, laying down tin-foil, keeping the litter spotless, etc. What I hated most was that once they hit the carpet, they'd always go back to the same spot, and no amount of scrubbing would help the pee smell, especially when it got humid. Anyway, here's what we finally did. First, we ended up tossing any throw rugs that had already been peed on. Then we tore up the carpet they kept hitting and laid down laminate flooring (which is healthier and easier to keep clean anyway). When we weren't around, we kept the two cats sequestered in one room with some water and a clean litter pan--they did NOT get to roam around and pee wherever they wanted to. Eventually we gave them a litttle more freedom, keeping a squirt-gun full of water handy and shooting them anytime they started sniffing around one of their favorite "pee spots." Finally, I permanently moved a litter pan up into our bedroom, where previously we had only had them down in the bas____nt. I didn't like that move, but it seemed to do the trick and we've had a 100% success rate for the past six months (knock on wood). There's no telling why cats pee on things and it was a long, frustrating struggle, but I think it was a combination of removing the pee smell and the younger cat growing out of the habit. Best of luck to you! Brenda


Roary - June 10

Well, I have 4 cats (3 males, 1 female--all fixed. They never spray or do anything of the sort. Our vet attributes their good behaviour to the fact tha we have several kitty litters in the house, three feeding areas and 3 floors--lots of space so they never fight for territory. I would never give up my cats. Even though my one cat thinks the crib is his for the moment!!! I hope you can find a way to keep your kittens. Brenda's advice sounds very thorough and worth a shot.


Steph - June 12

I got rid of my cat for the same reason. She kept peeing in the same spots and it was just nasty. I've finally gotten the smell out, but it's been a long battle to do so. I'll never again have cats as a was just to icky of an experience for me.


Mingill - June 12

You could try this question on the 2nd trimester board too. When I was still in 2nd tri I posted a question about my cat and the ladies were very helpful, there is even a veterinarian (Susan W) who might have some suggestions for you. Other than clean as best you can, I don't have any other advice. Good luck.


MamaKW10 - June 12

I am having a similar problem also with my cat. He doesn't spray, pee, or poop on the floor and never has. He is only around 10 or 11 months old. He is the sweetest kitty and I love him to death but I have the problem of him wanting to be in your face 24-7. He is a very loveable cat and has never bitten or clawed anyone but he just wants to be wherever I am all the time. Everytime I open the door to the baby's room he darts in there. He LOVES the bouncer....I think that was his bed when we were gone for a week a few months ago b/c it was downstairs at the time & it was covered in his hair. I am just sooo afraid that when the baby gets here I will be having to lock him up all of the time b/c he wants so much attention. I have babysat a few kids & everytime I have to end up putting him out of the room where they are. He gets very annoying! Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I am debating on giving him to a friend but I am very attached to him and I would rather not. My husband would love to get rid of him but he said it was my choice unless he hurt the baby or wouldn't leave the baby alone.


Mingill - June 12

MamaKW10, I'm not sure how your cat reacts, but my cat runs at any loud noise. So, I'm thinking you kitty might keep a safe distance from your baby. But it was suggested not to leave the baby alone with the cat at first. My cousin kept her clingy cat, and it was great for her baby. Because the cat just wanted to be around people so much, it didn't mind being mauled by a baby. Check with your vet, they might have more advice for you.


jenn82 - June 13

im 34 weeks and have just moved to an apartment ( ground floor). I have a 5 year old cat and im worried that because he is inside all the time, and i have to change his kitty tray every day , will this make me or my baby sick? i dont know if i should keep my cat or not!


Mingill - June 13

The thing people worry about is Toxoplasmosis, it can be contracted if you come into contact with the feces, but only if your cat has Toxoplasmosis (which is rare if you have an indoor only cat). Most recommend that pregnant women do not clean the litter box as a precaution. If there is no one else to clean the litter, you could have your cat tested or you can wear disposable gloves while cleaning the litter and wash your hands well right after (my cousin had 3 indoor cats during her pregnancy and she was just fine cleaning their litter by herself while wearing gloves, with no harm to her or the baby). So, you really don't have to get rid of your kitty if you don't want to.



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