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Cecille - April 11

I'm 38 weeks and my doctor is inducing in a week. My first baby was 5 days late.This baby is getting pretty big and I want to be able to deliver naturally. Doctor says I'm dilated 1 cm , been that way for three weeks. I am not effaced at all ! ! ! I labored for 22 hrs. with my first one, no drugs. I can handle the pain. My big concern is that because they are inducing and my cervix isn't ready , I'm afraid laboring too long and having to have a c-section. Has anyone been in a similar situation and had a smooth va___al delivery ? ? ?


meme - April 12

5 days late as in 5 days over 40 weeks or over 42 weeks. 5 days over 42 weeks is actually considered late; the 40-week mark is only the estimated due date with 2 weeks of room on either side of it as a margin of error and/or as the baby needs it. Anyway, if you wait until labor has become pretty obvious, contractions close together, lasting a long time, painful, and only getting greater in intensity... then you can go to the hospital without much apprehension about the staff claiming you need a c-section because you've been in labor too long. They often say these things for their own convenience, not ours. And just because you've been dialated a centimeter for that long and aren't yet effaced doesn't mean you won't have a quickly progressing labor. There's really no way to know how or how long your labor will go beforehand. Take some comfort in knowing that subsequent babies tend to come earlier than the first. One more thing: The doctors only can make their best guesstimate on how big a baby is while still in the womb. Peruse through old posts on this forum & you'll see... obs who told women their babies would be nine or more pounds that actually wound up being more like six or seven. Good luck!


Alycia - April 12

I agree with meme... since you're okay with natural birth, maybe you could just wait until you go into labor on your own and stay home as long as you can stand it. That way, you'll get your trial of labor... keep in mind that it is VERY rare for a woman to grow a baby her pelvis can't accomodate. Most cases of so-called cephalo-pelvic distortion (when the baby supposedly won't fit through) are just labelled that way for convenience. Many of these women go on to deliver much larger babies v____ally later on. Not to mention, as meme said, there's no telling for sure about the size of your baby. Good luck!!!



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