Need Suggestions On What To Ask My Doc 33 Wks

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Hannah - March 7

Hi, I am 33 weeks pregnant and will be seeing my MD tomorrow for our regularly scheduled visit. I am wondering what I should be asking her. I feel I need to start asking more questions and we should be discussing the baby and the birth in more detail but i am not sure exactly what to ask at this stage. Any suggestions? Thanks!


L - March 7

I asked: (1) What is the plan if I go past my due date, (2) What will happen at my next exam and when will the frequency of my exams increase, (3) How do I know when its time to come to the hospital vs false labor. (4) Is there a list of items that I should/n't bring with me to the hospital (These lists are published on the internet but I wanted to know what my hospital expected me to bring - for example, they have diapers so I don't need to pack those.) (5) Do I need to have a notarized power of attorney on file, etc.


to Hannah & to L - March 7

Don't JUST ask questions, although that is a wonderful thing to do. Also give her your wishes for the birth. Look up birthing plans to get an idea of what this means. It's a great thing to have on hand during labor & delivery... just in case you're too out of it to let her or the hospital staff know what you're comfortable with. And to L: What's the "notarized power of attorney on file" for exactly? I've never heard about that.


Tess - March 7

Good question :) My next Ob visit will be in 3 wks (ill be 32 wks by then) I have an u/s appt that day too then my doc. appt. I would probably ask him how's my baby doin? (why? bcoz last time I saw him he said Im measuring big (2 wks ahead) so I wanted to make sure that everything is ok w/ that) 2. I would ask how my labor and delivery will be? If he's the dr. that will be there once I go into labor?


karen - March 7

I was kind of wondering this too, but my next appt. will be 35 weeks. I've asked so many questions at my appts. up to this point that I'm running out of them! If you haven't taken a birthing cla__s, you may ask about their policies on what types of deliveries they allow (water births, different pushing positions), when do they typically administer an epidural if requested, what is your doctor's opinion of episiotomies and inducing labor, when do they clamp the cord (right away or after it stops pulsating), and what can you expect post-delivery? Like will you be in the same room, how long will you be there, what types of examining will you have done? Try to visualize the birth and if there is anything you're unsure of, write it down before your next visit.


Hannah - March 8

Ladies, thanks for your suggestions. I saw my doc this morning and as always she appeared to be in such a hurry. I waited for an hour to see her, as she was running late and yet she only gave me 4 minutes of her time! I did get a chance to ask about baby's size. I am 34 weeks now. She said it is too early to tell, which surprised me. I also asked about how I would know when I am in labor. She said it is too early to discuss this as well. Which bewildered me once again, as some children are born b/f their due date and she should be the one to know this. anyway. I have hired a doula who is also an RN in the OB unit I am delivering in. My doc is aware of this and may not be responding to questions in detail b/c she knows I have a source of info already... Oh, well... My next question will be about episiotomies and what to take to the hospital w me.



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