Need To Have A Rant About My Man

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annoyed - October 14

ok last night i was feeling really uncomfortable with bad pains in my ribs and cramps in tummy (im 39 weeks) and i went to bed and could hardly move. man says to me whats wrong so i told him and u know what he said? he said how about giving him head coz it would take my mind off it!!!!!!!! I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. anyone else had anything like this?


Jane - October 14

Don't you know by now how men think? I am 38 weeks and my man told me yesterday that he is so h__y he does not know what to do with himself. So I gave him head yesterday and today, and we had s_x and all that jazz. Afterall I looked back and I have to admit that the intimacy and the time spent together made me forget I am 38 weeks and very, very uncomfortable. He even went down on me several times, we had a blast! It alls started with him telling me he needed satisfaction, no matter how it is said, go for it, and do not think it is a selfish thing from his part, make it a s_x act where both participate, girl!


Kelly K - October 14

Let my husband try something like that he's liable to lose his member.


Brandie - October 14

My man was doing the same thing to me last night, he wanted head of booty when he realized that I was starting to fall asleep and that he wasn't getting either one. He said very loud "I'll settle for a hand job." Sometimes men don't understand that you just need rest but you cant turn them down all the time. Even sometimes when I'm not in the mood I'll just start something with him cause I know I'll get into it once I start. But sometimes you just have to, even if it's uncomfortable.


J.A. - October 14

I am on pelvic rest so I am unable to have s_x or orgasms (due to low lying placenta). I simply tell my husband that he is lucky enough to be able to get himself going cause I can't even do that. Every now and then though I throw him a bone. To top it off, I have never been hornier than when I was pregnant.


Shannon - October 14

i'm so jealous of you guys, believe it or not. my husband worries that s_x is somehow going to hurt the baby. he even asked the doc about it and even though he was told it was fine he's still skeptical. he worries that the baby is going to get shaken baby syndrome from all the rough rocking motions. it seems like he's only up for s_x when i'm not really in the mood or am pretty uncomfortable feeling.


J - October 14

My lord! I think if my husband insulted me that way his clothes would be in the front yard on fire! I am one big hormone right now and he knows better!


Ranya - October 14

Jane, you're a wise girl, not very common in pregnancy :) "annoyed" I would have gone ballistic on him especially after complaining about aches and pains and getting no sympathy...Had he chosen a better moment (when I'm not whining) and been more understanding toward my plight, I would have indulged for his understanding and support go a long way :)


Lesley - October 14

Why should she give him everything he wants? She is 39 weeks pregnant and could give birth any day now. He has to realise he isn't her number 1 priority no more. I can't have s_x, and I only give oral when I feel like it, not just to keep him satisfied. Whay is he gonna be like after you have give birth? Are you still expected to peform oral on him, or have s_x just cos he wants it? annoyed - only do what you are comfortable iwh.


Alissa - October 14

I wish my husband was like that i want to have s_x so bad and he thinks that it might hurt the baby or he might hurt me. Some of you have some lucky husbands.


Jen - October 14

I am in tears cuz I am laughing so hard right now- men...if they think it's bad now, just wait until these babies are born. Do any of your husbands/boyfriends realize that they are looking at 6-8 weeks at least of no s_x? My doc told my hubby this, but I think he is in denial. Gotta love these men, huh? Anyway, one of my girlfriends sent me this email today that is a picture of a baby wearing this t-shirt that says" my daddy only wanted a b__w job!" I have been laughing every since.


Kristy - October 14

Lmao!!!!!!!! I am 37 weeks and was having a contraction last nite in bed and my husband was just like Move over uggggg men suck!!!!!



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