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hurt - November 10

Hi, this is my first child, im now 32 weeks .....this will be the first granchild for both husbands and my own. my mother in law threw me a baby shower but at every turn she allowed me to know how much she doesnt like me. My husband doesnt stick up for me, i came so close to leaving him the comments she makes are uncalled for and hurtful and i have done nothing to her . she never considers my feelings i think what makes it even more worse is that we live with her, we will be moving out shortly i told my husband i wouldnt go into labor in this ladys home. any who back to the shower. the day before she said 15.00 was to much for a mum, something that i would only wear once. Keep in mind she has yet to spend money on the baby or myself. and i felt she was saying I am not worth the 15 dollars. so the day of the baby shower..........she couldnt even go to the dollar store and buy some decorations .this will not only be the first grandchild but a lil girl mother in law had three boys. you would think she would be excited and get at least "ITS A GIRL" banner . well with no docorations .at least the cake was nice......she didnt ask my opinion on at least have liked to have had some say on what id like to have eaten . then she waited to long to start the games .. only two games were played because it was so late. my husband had to go and tell her to start playing the games because people were ready to leave. My mother and father have bought most of the big stuff....she asked me what big things i needed she had my registry anda picture with the crib i had picked, not to mention a sheet with who was buying what. so instead of spending the same amount on the crib that i had picked that converted a toddler bed and FULL SIZE bed she took it upon herself to go out and .......get this "crib" made..........oh ladys if you saw this thing its not a crib you see in the store not ungrateful but my mother was going to buy me the crib i wanted . and my mother in law didnt want to buy the matching arm...pardon i cant spell it. where you can hang the babys clothes in . "well this is my vent , and im very hurt because i knew when i saw the crib she picked out ........just how much she hates me and my feelings dont matter"


sounds like - November 10

she is a real piece of work. Don't let her get to you. Personally, I am good at being evil to those who are evil to me, but you may be the kind sweet type. So its a good thing you are moving out soon, but if I were you I would always have an excuse as to why she couldn't come over. I guess you can still kindly and sweetly tell her she can't come over because you would rather not be abused in your own home and would not want to subject your child to her vileness. Good luck and ignore the witch, if your mopther is till willing why not have her get the crip you really want and sell the other on ebay.


hurt - November 10

thanks, ebay is a great idea. it was causing issues between my husband and myself . because i brought up selling the crib ...when i told him that my feelings dont matter, but i have to consider thier feelings ...when and if they ever come to visit us and dont see the crib. i was hurt deeply here he was getting mad at me, When his mother had hurt me more than on one occasion. she even insulted me at the baby shower........In front of all the people she invited. because i wasnt even asked if there was anyone id like to have come. so i told a friend of mine to show up for moral support and that she didnt have to bring a gift, Then to top it all off my lil sis feelings got hurt. she had came over and done my mother in laws hair. because she is in cosmotology so she did her hair (for FREE) and wasnt invited . it was a mess i was stupid to ask her to help show the gifts as i opend them...but i did........someone had gotten two bibs "I love my grandma" and "I love my daddy" thats when she said ," oh look it has grandma and daddy you dont even need the mommy" and laughed. Sorry i got side tracked my husband ended up telling me he didnt care if we sold the crib, just as long as i was happy and our baby healthy. Did i tell you my husband made the mum. im going to hang it up. .. my in laws have money, they are not hurting. so she did everything as an insult


.... - November 10

this whole thing sounds like that movie "Hush" when the mother-in-law is soooo controlling. this woman sounds psycho. sorry. i wouldn't want my child around her and as for the husband...well, if I were you, i'd set him straight so he WOULD stick up for you...or else.


Confused - November 11

Wow, how RUDE!!! Your mother-in-law is what bad mother-in-law jokes and horror movies are made of! My condolences! However, your husband does need to develop a backbone with her, and this is the kind of stuff I usually read about in Annie's Mailbox (formerly "Dear Ann Landers") - much as the person with no name said, either he sticks up for you, or else. He needs to put your feelings first and stand up to her, but if he's having a tough time with it, you could help him along...for instance, grandma wants to visit? You're so sorry, you've already made plans for the day. She'd like to have you visit her? Same thing. If she wants to behave like a spoiled brat, you can give her all the "time out" she needs. However, she sounds like the type to put blame on everybody but her, but so what? Anybody with any semblence of intelligence will sniff her out, and will totally understand why you don't want your child subjected to her. By the way, I like the EBay idea!



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