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kristi-77 - October 28

Hi Ladies, The last few days I feel that something isn't right. I feel him moving, he's not as active as he was a couple weeks ago. Is it because his size? Is the worrying normal? I've had two m/c in the past and everything seems to be going great by what the doctor says. I just want him to be a healthy baby and I'm worried. I'm due Jan. 14th (which I don't think i'll go that far). Any advice will help. Thanks


Tory1980 - October 29

Any sudden change in the babies movement needs to get checked out whether you feel them moving regnaularly or not. A sudden ncrease or decrease in movement can signal a problem but more than likely it is just because he is that little bit bigger. Lately instead of jerky fast movements I have been feeling long stretches. This is my fourth baby but I still get freaked out now and then if I don;t feel mch movement. If you are worried go to the hosptial they will attach you to the CTG and you will probably be surprised how active he suddenly gets. The worrying is completely normal and after a miscarriage it is a whole lot worse (this pregnancy follows a m/c at 14w4d in January). I am due January 10th and have already had a stay in the hosptial with suspected pre-term labour so if I get close to that date I will be lucky! Take care and congratulations on you baby boy!


Tory1980 - October 29

Oh and I forgot to say that 'feeling something isn;t right' is mothers intuition and can often be the only sign. It could be you panicing due to you losing little ones before but don't ignore it. Sorry about all the typo's. It is only 9am here and not quite awake! LOL!


Anathi - October 29

I sometimes have those moments but imediatelty when I drink some orange juice he/she starts from where he/she left off with the kicking and its harder and sometimes sore on my ribs. What I've noticed about baby movement is the position as well like I can clearly feel the movement when lying on your left side or relaxing position, you know that time for watching TV where you sit there relaxed and elevating your legs hope that was helpfull


emfine99 - October 29

I was told that as they start to grow bigger, which around 29 weeks sounds about normal, then they don't have as much room to move around. Mine started moving a lot more and stronger movements once I hit about 32 weeks. If you are at all worried and don't feel the baby move for a while after a period of time, I'd call the dr. I think I had the same feeling around 29 weeks also, but I know it's scary since you've had problems before! Good luck!


KRISTINA - October 29

I had the same fears about a week ago. (I am 28 weeks). It just seemed like she wasnt moving as much. I had a doc appointment the next day and asked about it. They said it was still early to do fetal movement counts and at this stage the baby may go through quite periods. So dont stress out about it and if you are worried go get checked out to put your mind at rest, but I bet your A-OKAY! :)


EMMA2 - October 29

Babies at this stage do not have as much room to move and they are facing down thats why you dont feel the same activity. You should count the amount of times he moves and let your dr. know.



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