NEEDING TO VENT Anyone Ever Been In This Situation

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GLORIA - May 10

I am 29 weeks pregnant. My brothers girlfriend is 33 1/2 weeks pregnant too. Oh my gosh she gets on my nerves. He met her at a bar got her knocked up two weeks later. They've been mooching off of my mom since October. She has had two other kids she doesn't even take care of [her mom has custody (2 boys)]. She is on public assistance, hasn't bought a darn thing for their baby. Nothing, nada, zip...zilch! My brother won't keep a steady job because he is an alcoholic/druggie and just got out of prison one month before he met her. She smokes and hacks and coughs. Lies to the dr about "not smoking". She has poor sanitary habits. She bathes but still stinks to high heaven. I can't hardly even go to my mom's house because I can't stand her, since she lives there she is ALWAYS THERE!... And get this my mom is living with my other brother who is one year younger than the drunk brother. But the younger brother who owns the house they all live in works out on the road all the time...So he just keeps quiet about the situation. I miss my mom and she can't hardly stand the girl either but tolerates her because she feels sorry for my alcoholic brother. He already got a dui since he's been out of prison...Am I just know what....about not liking her...Oh and get this she said... "Oh our babies could play together and be best of friends and be real close and share toys".....GROSS...I feel so guilty like I am snubbing her or something because she grosses me out and she's a liar. And because she is lazy. My mom says she never helps cook or clean and is always complaining about some pain or another, even when she was 3 months along. My mom said she is not buying her baby a thing until she knows it's really my brother's kid. And she said she would take her to this place where she can get free stuff for the baby like a car seat and clothes and bedding...Good golly that ticks me off at both her and my brother for not doing a thing to prepare for their baby....AAAAhhhhh! And they rely on public assistance to bring a kid into the world that they can't afford or won't get off their lazy fat behinds to support......AAAAAHHHHH!.....He has two other kids he never paid child support for who are 20 and 19. And God only know how many other there are. AAAAHHH! ....



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