Nervous About Bringing Baby Home

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Susanna - May 24

Can a new mom or old give some insight on what the first week is like. I know every baby is different, but it would help to have something to go by. Thanks.


Angel lee - May 24

Hey... Everyone says to get rest ... but with my first all I could do for the first week or so was watch him... At 2 a.m I would just stare at him this little amazing baby that grew inside of me is right in front of me. Now I am due with my 2nd on June 9th but this time I think I need the rest..... I now have a 2 year old.. That doesnt believe in naps.....LOL best of luck to you..


Jbear - May 25

I was a nervous wreck when I brought my daughter home. She had spent 2 weeks in NICU, and the nurses made sure I knew exactly what to do with her, even taught me cpr...Still, the day I brought her home I was terrified. I sat up the entire first night and watched her breathe. The first week or so was a blur of bottles, diapers, and only sleeping an hour and a half at a time. But it does get better, and it's all worth it. Sleep when your baby sleeps, and don't try to get everything in the world done...let the laundry pile up if you're too tired to do it, order takeout when you don't feel like cooking, let your relatives help out however they want...remember that you'll be recovering from the birth, and take care of yourself.


Katharine - May 25

She slept a lot, but it seemed like we were still up a lot. There was a lot of trying to figure out if we were doing things right-feeding, burping, comforting... A lot of trial and error. I sat up and watched her sleep a lot, too. Somehow, I remember keeping my house really clean for the first few weeks, with company coming over quite a bit. I'm really concerned about bringing #2 home, since we'll have to stick to our regular schedule, while learning the baby's too.



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