Nervous About Pulsating Stomach

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Worried - August 15

Ive noticed a few times that just under my rib cage, on the left side I can sometimes see a pulsating. If I put my fingers on it, you can see my fingers move. Hubby saw it too.... I dont think its my pulse, and I know it isnt kicking since its too rhythmic. It isnt hiccups either, theyre much more noticable. Could this be the baby breathing, and if so, Im worried its too fast. Its about75 pulses per minute or so. Can anyone else say theyve felt a pulse in their upper abdomen, 2 inches under their braline??


miranda - August 15

I have the same thing sometimes. The baby doesn't "breathe" inside the uterus, just practices breathing movements. I think it's just the baby adjusting position. I remember my daughter shaking a little bit too when she would nurse after she was born, the dr said it was because she was peeing, so perhaps it could be this as well. I've never read anything that suggested that these movements in utero were anything to worry about. - August 15

ask doc during next appointment (duh right? lol ) but this could be just spasms you yourself are having. Could be nothing to do with the baby. I had them alot between pregnancies.


worried - August 15

my friend who has two babies said she had it too and her dr said it was common with anterior placentas, where the blood flow is sometimes visible depending on where everything is. does this sound right?


Angie - August 16

this happens to me all the time.I believe that its the baby having hiccups


Audrea - August 16

If you say it is rhythmic and 75 per minute, that surely sounds like a pulse to me. Are they equally spaced rhythmicaly like a heart rate is? If so, that would be the logical answer. The baby, even if it had hiccups, does not do it that fast so that is not what it is. Also, the baby does not move that fast in a rhythmic way. So what else can it be you say? Well, your placenta is anterior, so yes, that could be the pulse from the placenta. My placenta is also anterior and you can see the pulse in my abdomen as well. What you can do to be sure is take your pulse from your wrist and then feel it in your abdomen to see if it is the same. If you can find it in your neck, that would be a better place to use, it is stronger there.


Jennifer - August 16

I too have felt a pulse like that although mine is now down low in my abdomen. I was told it's baby's hiccups which makes perfectly good sense. It feels like very very tiny little thumps. Mine are so low now cause I am almost 35 weeks and my doc said my baby is turned which means his head is low. How far along are you? Yours could be hiccups too, your baby just isnt turned yet possibly.


worried - August 16

Hi everyone. nonono it definitely isnt fetal hiccups. I can tell when he has hiccups, which he gets a few times per day, and its very different. I feel the hiccups from the inside of my body and my stomach shakes more pronounced all over. This is light, I cant feel it everywhere, just in one spot lightly with my fingertips. Hiccups are much stronger. he has already turned, also. -Audrea, you say you can see your placental pulse? And in answer to the question, no it doesnt match my pulserate. Does your placental pulse that you say you can see match yours?



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