Nervous About Weight Gain

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Jill - August 3

I am afraid of gaining to much weight. I have gained around 35 lbs and I still have 5 weeks remaining. My dr. told me to watch it since I am only 5 feet tall. I was 125 when I got pregnant so I was not skinny at all. I watch what I eat but in June I gained 8 lbs then the next 4 weeks I only gained 2 then in two weeks I gained 5. I am just wondering if this is normal or if I am a huge hog? I get nervous about going to the dr. to get weighed.


Tara - August 3

My cousin just had a baby girl and when she delivered she weighed 191 and when she got pregnant she weighed around 130,she seems to feel good and she looks well.I am 26 weeks pregnant almost 27 and have gained only 9 pounds i'm worried my baby isn't going to gain enough weight.I also found out i'm losing 750/mg of protein in a 24-hour period and will have to go see a kidney specialist when my son is born.


Julie - August 3

With my son I was 100 lbs. 5'2" tall before pregnancy and weighted 150 when I delivered. It was really hard to take all the weight off. This time I started at 100 lbs. again and am up to 125 and am 30 weeks so hopefully I can maintain a normal weight gain this time. With my son I ate like a truck driver and loved the dairy queen.


Heidi - August 3

I was 118 pre-pregnancy weight and now I'm at 148 as of yesterday!!! My doc still wasn't worried and I said I don't know where it's coming from. I don't eat much differently and have been exercising more. I'm only 29 wks too. Yikes...


Julie - August 3

I think everyone is just different. I was overweight before I got pregnant. I was 198 pounds on my 5'5 frame. I have only gained 4 pounds throughout the pregnancy so far and I am 28.5 weeks, but baby is doing great.


Jamie - August 3

I've gained 73 pounds so far, with 2 weeks left to go. I am 5'3, and was 105 lbs when I got pregnant. My doctors aren't really concerned, since it's baby, b___b, and water retention. I expect to lose most of it when I give birth.


Holy cow - August 3

Not to be rude but 73 lbs. with one baby is alot to gain. I gained around 50 with my son and he only weighted 7 lbs. and it took almost a year to take off all of the weight. Have you been exercising? It can't all be water and baby. Please don't take this the wrong way but your doctor should be concerned I know mine was when I gained 50 lbs. especially since you are so small. I was too. - August 3

My docs were NEVER happy with my weight gains. I'd gain 1 lb in a week and they'd say NOT ENOUGH !!! Gain 5 and THATS TO MUCH !!!


Georgia - August 3

Jill i hate getting weighed i was147 lbs 5 foot 7 not bad now im about 200lbs i have 12 more weeks to go i gained a lot with my other two pregnancys it took me 3 years to lose the weight from my last one so im scared i hate being over weight i obsess about it i dont over eat but i dont excersize i gained 10lbs in one month i go to the doc next week i pray i dident gain 10 more


miranda - August 3

If you are eating healthy and trying to get some exercise, don't worry about how much you gain, and don't let the dr give you a hard time about it. I have watched very carefully what I ate and how active I was for both of my pregnancies and the first time I gained 45 and this time I have gained 35 as of 34 weeks. Some women retain tons of water and after you give birth it just melts off. I lost all 45 pounds in 2 weeks after my daughter's birth! My dr has never seemed concerned, and I am overweight to begin with. Just don't eat tons of sugar and you'll be fine.


Julie - August 4

Try doing some walking it can help and will help you also have an easier labor. I try to stay really active and I hope it helps.


~S~ - August 4

I'm 37 weeks and I've put on a total of 20lbs. I'm pretty suprised at the little amount of weight i've gained. I have been trying to eat a lot healthier and I drink SO MUCH WATER! I always feel dehydrated, so I'm guzzling water every chance I get. I guess that has something to do with my weight gain. I just went for my appointment and I've only put on half a pound since my last appointment which was 2 weeks ago. I hope this means I'll bounce back into my pre pregnancy shape shortly after I have the baby, that would be great.


To S - August 4

Are you a taller person? One of my girlfriends who is like 5'10 and normall about 130 only gained about 20 with her baby. I gained about 50 and am very small.



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