Nervous Wreck All The Time

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alverran - June 5

Hello This has been hard for me to write, but I didn't know if anyone was in the same boat or has a more positive perspective than I. I am in my first pregnancy currently at 29 wks and 6 days, 32 yrs old and married to a good man. My problem is that I worry about everything regarding my unborn baby and pregnancy! I worry if I don't feel the number of kicks I am supposed to or if the baby is thriving like he/she is supposed to. I am normally a calm rational person, so this is freaking me out. Any advice or if you are in the same boat... Please lets talk.


starr - June 6

Alverran,it is perfectly normal to worry about things like that,I know I still do and this is my third baby and I'm due in 11days.Just don't get yourself too worked up or stressed out over it.Just picture yourself holding a beautiful healthy baby in a few more months and how happy u will be.You may also want to find some reading material on the development of the baby at your stage and that may help you to understand what's normal so u won't be so worried.Maybe even talking to your dr may help.Good Luck.


Erynn21 - June 6

Hi I am in my first pregnancy and am 27 weeks, and am pretty calm, I'm not really nervous about things, but it sounds like you need to calm down. It's fine to be worried about things, but there is an excessive amount of worry, and all that stress from worry goes into your baby. There are many studies that show the mothers state of mind directly affects her baby. Please don't read this and stress out about that. Maybe you need to find some calming meditation techniques or try some nice lavender for aromatherapy. A nice cup of chamomile tea is great, too. I'm not in your shoes,but these are things that work for me when I am stressed. I hope this helps.


alverran - June 7

Hello Starr and Erynn21... I wish Erynn21 I was in your shoes! Starr, thank you for your rea__surance and not thinking this is crazy. Again, I am normally a calm person. This is out of my element of being so worked up over things. I am in the miltiary and the Dr.s sometimes b__w off your concerns which concerns me even more. We shall see... I need to find my zen. Thank you again ladies.



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