Nesting Instinct Just Kicked In

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Lindsey - May 7

Hi All, I'm 35 weeks today and all I have done for the last 4 days is clean, everything in my house is clean, only I still feel that it is dirty, my husband says I have become obsessed. I haven't watched my soaps for days (something I never missed) and I am constantly shouting at people when they don't clean up after themselves in my house. The funny thing is, is that before this cleaning obsession I was one of the messiest people I knew, not un-hygenic, i just didn't care about clutter. I knew at sometime the nesting instinct would kick in, but has it made anyone else obsessed.


livdea - May 7

I can only hope mine kicks in soon! I'm 31 weeks and waiting...I've gotten messier SINCE I became pregnant!!! humpf!


christineg - May 7

I've been getting bursts of nesting instinct for a while now!! I'm 36 weeks now, but really from probably 25 weeks on I've been obsessed! Unfortunatly for everyone around me I expect them to be working on my obsession too! hehe My husband has been given yard duty and I've shuved him out there kicking and screaming more than once this spring! I've organized all my closets and cabinets, scrubbed down every hard surface in the house.....even the baseboards, cleaned the carpets....I finally was denied by my hubby when I said I wanted hard wood floors because they are easier to clean. We went to our prenatal cla__s 2 weeks ago and they mentioned the nesting instinct......hubby just gave me a dirty look......hmmmm dirty look....maybe I can clean that too!! :-D


Evonna - May 7

same for me livdea, i have also gotten messier since i became pregnant. I was much cleaner & more organized. I've been letting family members and my Fiance' do everything for me, lol.


angelbebe - May 7

I think I've become a bit more compulsive. It's annoying! I think at this stage (37 weeks), I am just anxious and excited so cleaning seems to be something that I can work out my energy in. : ) The other day I got up at like 6 am and couldn't stop cleaning. At 6 am! That is pathetic!


Inny - May 7

My nesting instinct kicked in a little early I think... I had a burst of energy and wanted to clean and organize everything during my 5th and 6th month. Now I realize that it happened for a reason because at 30 weeks I am now soooo sleepy again and feel kind of lazy. I just have no energy to do the things I want to get done. I hope I get another burst soon - I don't want this to be it! ;)


mom.2.5 - May 7

well this is #5 for me and I used to be clean, but with this one it seems like I've become a slob! I have NO energy, all my 3 girls play ball and i coach one of them! I REALLY want to clean and have some things just not like i did when i was preggers with the others. I keep thinking i'm not as young as i once was and this is going to be 5 kids that i wait hand and foot on....oh & since i'm huge i have made them start doing a few things on their own and they act like it kills them. believe me their old enough to learn responsibility i just baby way to much. but it feels good to not have to do it all for once. The one day i felt like it I listed all kinds of stuff on ebay and that felt like i ran a marathon. I took off work 1 month ago, ( i had to stand & do heavy lifting) all day and thought now my husband gets to sit behind a desk all day so i'm taking off & i did. sorry to take so long...i just want some nesting energy too...I'm due June 1, go to the dr tomorrow.


dee23 - May 7

my hat off to u mom.2.5 :) i always wondered how ppl cope with that many little ppl in there house! and then i thought well dh and i are having our first boy, and we have decided that if we dont have a girl next, we will try for one more..but no more than 3.......what if we end up having 2 boys and try again and end up with twin boys! thats 4 boys lol.....just a thought cause my dad is an unidentical twin so i tohught there might be a chance. only 30wks and ive had 2 seperate days of nesting so far........but i want more! im getting so lazy about now.....i need some more energy this way!


mom.2.5 - May 8

It took me 4times to get a boy, and #5 is a boy too, my mom is a twin, and lord i hope i don't get pregnant again. my 3rd i had twins and one sac busted and this time was twins, and it was the vanishing twin thing, we seen it the first 2 ultrasounds and then it was gone! I'd be having 7 kids...i'd go nuts (already half way). after you have about 3 whats a few more going to hurt.. gl all



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