Nesting Stage How Long Will This Last

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Krista - June 14

I think I'm in the "nesting" stage. I'm almost 29 weeks and in a panic almost all the time! lol. I'm driving my dh CRAZY! Every weekend I have huge lists of stuff we have to get done! I have lists telling me all the things I'll need for the baby (so I know what to get after my baby shower) I have lists telling me what I need to take to the purse is FULL of lists and I make a new one everyday I swear. I've scheduled a carpet cleaner for Friday...I'm insisting on the babys room being done before my shower on the 24th....I washing walls, doing yard work, and deep cleaning everything! my poor hubbie is DYING for a break and I am too...but I cant help it! I cant sit still! too much to do! too little time! will I ever be able to stop stressing? Is this bad? how can I relax? Help! =(


Been There - June 14

I've been tired for a few weeks. I'm hoping I'll get some energy so I can prepare for him to come home. It's great you have energy. It's probably good you have a spurt now, just in case you do run out of steam a little later. I don't think it's bad. It's just how you are. I'd rather have your energy than feel like I'm dragging everyday. Can you send some this way?


Danielle19 - June 14

that when i had my nesting stage and i also had thousands of lists and made new ones all the time at around 35 weeks i slowed done and i didn't feel like i had to get this or that done right away but now that im going through the im sick of waiting for my baby to get here stage i think id rather be nesting im 39 weeks and so bored all the time but i already did everything i can twice and so has dh but i bet after your shower youll settle down and good luck


Erynn21 - June 14

I had a nesting spurt a couple of weeks ago, I cleaned the couches,our dining room rug, mopped the floor in the kitchen. I'm 28weeks so I guess my little spurt was soon, but it had to be done. Then I realized moving couches and furniture is kinda dumb for a 6mo. pregnant woman, I ended up pulling a muscle in my groin, so now I have to be a little more chill. I did the same washed walls, cleaned carpets(I have 2 dogs so that had to be done), cleaned and sorted our room, gave away a bag of clothes to my best friend. I have my shower coming up, but the nursery is under construction that is freaking me out. I just want organization in my life so that at least when the baby comes most everything will be in place. My next thing is starting to freeze meals, I already have tons of ideas, I just need to start, although my hubby is an excellant cook, and he would do all of that. I just want to be prepared. I don't have a bunch of lists I just know there are things that need to be tended to. I think you just need to calm a little, you don't want to be like me and hurt yourself. That stopped me dead in my tracks.


Nita_ - June 15

lol! Reminded me of when I was at your stage. I had tons of lists going too and was getting mad at my dh when I couldn't find the little piece of paper where I wrote the brand of diapers my friends recommended etc etc. But now have slowed down, I think I just needed to get all the baby stuff bought, sorted out etc. We did most of the shopping then and now are kinda waiting for the baby to arrive (i'm 38 weeks now). This phase will pa__s soon, but don't overdo it. Take a break!


Krista - June 15

lol! Thanks guys...I do feel better. I guess it would be worse like Been there know all the stuff you need to do but to be too tired to do it. Dont get me wrong I'm SOOOO tired all the time but my "lists" keep me going LOL. My baby shower is on the 24th and I'm just trying to get my house and babies room ready...(I want everyone to be able to see his room when they come for the shower)...After the shower I just need to get my list of all the items I'll need for the baby and go get the stuff I didn't get for my shower...once I'm done getting everything I'm hoping to be able to relax and be "bored" the rest of my pregnancy. =)


Krista - June 15

I'm driving my hubbie MAD!! lol..but I dont want to throw my back out like Erynn I need him to move the furniture for I can clean! lol.


GLORIA - June 15

I didn't have that with my first one. With my second one I got a burst of energy in my last month My neighbor was coming over one evening for a visit and she caught me in the window scrubbing my mini blinds. And she said "Your gonna have that baby soon". She is very wise. And she was tickled that I was scrubbing and cleaning. With this baby my nesting stage started three weeks ago. I am in week 34. And I have evry inch of my house clean. Closets. Underneath the Kitchen and bathroom sink. The Garage. I've been suprisingly a___l about dusting and vacuuming. The dishes are always done. I'll go to the baby's things and resort his outfits and little socks and rearrange his stufffed animals. All my shelves of books are.....ALPHABETIZED! My husbands ba__s magazines and the bills are sorted by dates and places into files. Oh and....My two boys...all their shoes have been scrubbed, wiped or washed...whatever.... cleaned! Even the shoe laces. Normally I am not like this...but it's like I've temporarily developed some obsessive compulsive disorder. I booted the cat out when I found out I was PG. so we don't have to change the littler box....But I still rigorously scrub my hands even if I pet him. Our yard is the best looking one on the block. I even got out with a pair of scissors to trim the weeds along the curb because our weed eater was messed up......Yeah!.....That's the nesting stage for ya big time....I am so baaaaaad! But I don't bother my sweeties with it. I'm not that outta wack.... But I'm still a little too wacky. My husband is gone taking the boys fishing or swimming so I take care of all my nutty compulsions to clean and scrub while they are away.


Krista - June 15

LOL Gloria! that is EXACTLY what I've been doing! I'm doing everything myself too...except for the stuff I "cant" do...I'm making my hubbie do....he has to move the furniture, paint (with the oil based paint), he plants the tree's (I plant the bushes and flowers), I'm making him pick up all the baby furniture this weekend and put all that together along with putting the new yard furniture together. I'm doing all the cleaning as it's more of a "deep" cleaning all the time though. I already had OCD when it came to my house cleaning even before I was prego but now it's worse!....I cant wait to set up the babies room...then I'll wash all his clothes, bedding and blankets! =) I'm just glad to hear that I'm not crazy and that other people seem to have this "problem" as well!


Krista - June 15

I just got done staining my deck last night for the THIRD time in two weeks! lol



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