Never Going To Happen Uhggg

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MaryM - October 2

Does anyone else feel frustrated? I am 38 weeks and I have been dialated to 3 cm for 31/2 weeks! I had all the signs that it was going to happen soon. Cramping, diarreah, low back pain, contractions that are 5-10 minutes apart (they are just Braxton Hicks:( ). I feel really positive at the begining of the day, but a lot of aniexty by the end of the day! I am scared and excited at the same time, but also in constant nagging pain. I have been really snippy and needy with my husband and I feel really bad that I am not fun to be around. I usually take things in stride but I feel like a whiny, complaining, pain in the a**. I don't know who this person is and I just want myself back.


WP - October 2

I'm right there with ya, MaryM. I'm almost 40 weeks and I don't know how dilated I am (I have an internal exam tomorrow), but I was 2 cm dilated for about a month with my first and I still had to be induced at 42 weeks. So, even if I'm dilated tomorrow, I'm not getting my hopes up. I've also had a few bouts of false labour and I'm also getting irritated quickly because I'm so d__n uncomfortable all of the time. It wouldn't be so bad if I could go about my normal activities to keep my mind off of things, but it's getting really hard to move around and function. Even walking is painful. I try to plaster a smile on my face for my husband, but it's hard.


docbytch - October 2

I am a HUGE pain in the a__s. I have jokingly been referring to myself as my DH's little hemorrhoid. Snippy, b___hy, whiny, needy, crabby, grouchy, bossy....the list goes on and on. My DH is a very good man though...somehow he still loves my a__s through this big mess. My anxiety level is up now too because DH has to leave on a trip tomorrow (he's an airline pilot so this is standard fare around here) and will be gone overnight. I am just hoping nothing decides to happen in the interim because I am alone here....not to mention that my life has some warped way of following Murphy's Law. You are not alone!!


chickiepoo9 - October 2

i am right there with you 38 weeks and going crazy me and my hubby are always fighting and i am so short with my 2 year old son i feel bad i should be taking advantage of our last two weeks with just the two of us but all i can think about is having this baby!


tori205 - October 3

hi all...i too am a pain in the a__s! im walking around with this hard ball in front of me thats always in having constant shooting pain in my v____a even when laying down. i have a huuuuge headache today thats not going moving as slow as mola__ses. i have been losing my plug for the past week having 2-3 bowel movements 2 cm dilated and doc has been saying i could go into labor since 35 weeks at any time she said. i will be 39 weeks this friday and im very tiiiiiired! aaaarrrrggghhhh!! my poor husband and daughter have been wonderful but i do have a very short temper these days. the thing is when the baby is still in the womb, we only have to worry about ourselves but when he comes i will have to worry about him too! but im just not enjoying these last few days and i cant wait for him to come and just get this all over with. haha, and my partners and the office forced me to stop working last week cuz they didnt want me to have the baby in the middle of the busy office day..anyways, thnx for letting me vent cuz, i got this migraine headache today and its really making me go bonkers...:)


Tink - October 3

mary- just wanted to send my thoughts your way. i am only 35w and already so ready!!! so i can't imagine how frustrated you must be. just know the end is near. you've hung in there this long, it will all be over soon! hang in there


MaryM - October 3

I really want to ask my Dr next week if he will induce me. Is that selfish? I have heard that some drs will at 39 weeks. I don't want to make it look like I only care about myself and not the baby...or that I am such a big woose and can't take it anymore. I also wonder if I will feel the same anxiety the next time around because I still won't know what it feels like to have labor happen on its own.


chickiepoo9 - October 3

i know its hard to wait but i would try to until baby is ready inducing can be more painful for youself because contractions come on boom hard and fast instead of building and you can get use to them plus i am not sure your doc would do it even if you asked if there is no complications, my sister has had 4 and she needed to be induced with one and said it was awful she wished she could have waited


tori205 - October 3

actually, my doc offered to induce me for tomorrow...she has been hinting at it for a few would be my 39 weeks...but my thoughts were that the baby will come when he is ready. however, if he isnt here by due date oct 12, i will be induced on that day. my doc was just concerned that the baby will be too big..over 8-9 pounds and i may have difficult time..but i'm not overly concerned...:)


afireinsideamanda - October 4

imagine how i feel lol im officially overdue now. 40 w 1 d


MaryM - October 6

I think my Dr would induce me because my baby was estimated at 7 lbs when they did a sonogram at 35 weeks. If he gains 1/2 lb every week, like they say, he is already 9lbs. I am a fairly small person and worry if he gets any bigger they might have to do a c-section.


amrepop - October 7

I'm with you too! I will be 39 weeks tomorrow, I am miserable, uncomfortable, up all night long, no patience and so forth.. this whole weekend, all I did was cry.. I'm about 1-2 dilated, and I had my membranes stripped this past Wed.. nothing! Just more misery. I am scheduled to be induced next Friday and as much as I didn't want to, it's only two days before my due date and I can't take this any longer. I feel like I have a bladder infection when she b___ts her head up against me and becomes active. I had all of those symptoms, backache, going to the bathroom like 4 x's a day for like 3-4 days in a row, that was almost two weeks ago and I'm still pregnant. I am at the point, I take the phone off the hook because I'm tired of it ringing, I know everyone means well, but I can't take a nap without the phone waking me up. This is the first weekend I've been this miserable, every other weekend, I cleaned, rearranged furniture, etc., etc.. this one I had absolutely no energy. As far as being induced, this will be my first time. I guess it depends on who you talk too.. some women hate it, others have no problems with it. I wish you luck and hopefully your signs mean something, everyone is different. Best of luck!


micorazon - October 8

Hi Ladies....I feel the same way. I have been dilated to about 2 cm since I was about 30 weeks. I was just taken off of bedrest last week at 36 weeks after several premature labor scares and now I have this funny feeling that I am going to either go to my due date or maybe even later. Im not that uncomfortable anymore, seems like in the last week or so the baby changed position and most of my aches and pains have gone away...but I am tired and could do without working anymore. I dont want to waste any of my maternity leave or vacation time prior to his birth, but Im really struggling to get my work done.. It seems like the last few weeks go by the slowest :-( Mary - Just to ease your mind a little, my doctor said that your actual body size doesnt really reflect the size of your pelvis. One of my very good friends is only 5'1, small framed and she has delivered two 9.5 lbs boys without any issue. I on the other hand am 5'8 regular build and the doctors are concerned that my pelvis may be too small to deliver a baby over 8 lbs.



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