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lyn - April 17

Sorry I have dial-up and it takes to long to scroll. It was time for a new one anyway. Well Kate has become the WHINIEST kid in the last 2 days. She whines when I leave the room, she whines when I stand up, she whines when she is eating her biter biscuit for to long. Whine Whine Whine. I now know what you were talking about ekay. Oh and yesterday we were at her grandmas and the dogs going in and out of there dog door was scaring her. It was weird because we have a dog door that goes from our kitchen to our laundry room for the cats and she things it is funny when they go through it. Strange. Oh yeah still no period. Double strange. I don't think it is ever gonna come back. Anyways happy post Easter and tax day everyone!!


ekay03 - April 19

Yeah, welcome to my world Lyn! Well, JoJo is full on crawling now. She's no speed demon yet thank goodness. But in due time! I think she just hates being in her playpen most of the time she is whining. But I hate putting her on ceramic tile flooring. Today is my first day back at the office. It sucks actually having to semi-put myself together. Especially since my husband STILL has not moved our dryer over, so I have to wear whatever is clean....and fits. Are you still b___st feeding, Lyn? That's probably the solution to your period. Some women just don't start while bfing. Okay, back to work.


lyn - April 19

She is finally cutting her first tooth, so that might be the reason for the whining. and yes I am still b___st feeding, so yeah that would make sense.


MichelleB - April 21

Hey Girls. Back from our trip to Toronto. He was an angel on the flights...not sure why I worried! It was a nightmare getting everything to and fro airport, but we survivied. Ekay, I dread the day I go back. Seems like we are all in teh same boat, with winey, teething children. Kiev ALWAYS wants to be picked up. He caught a cold, at least I think it was a cold when we got back, but now that I see his tooth coming through, they say they can get runny from that so who knows. Kiev will barely let me feed him cause the spoon touches his gums. Poor guy. He was up every night ALLNIGHT for about 3 that was hard, but we survived. I think he is playing us a little. He seems to be much better when in bed with MAMA and DADA. Kiev also was scared of my brother one day, then fine the next. Weird. I hope this phase pa__ses quickly. Lyn is Kate crawling yet. Kiev seems interested. He still wont go on his stomach, and much prefers walking holding our hands, but he sits then tips himself forward to the point I think he will crawl.......then he falls on his face. TTYS!


lyn - April 21

Kate got her first tooth today!!! She was such a good girl today. Last night she had no tooth, this morning none....but today we picked up her grandpa from the airport and she only had 2 10 minute naps in the car and when we got home she was chewing on my finger and I thought she had something else in her mouth, but no it was a tooth. Just a sweetie today, but then when I was feeding her dinner she just started crying. I don't know if it was lack of sleep or the tooth, but I think it was the tooth like you were saying about Kiev, Michelle. Yeah she is kind of crawling. She pulls her self on the belly and uses one leg to push her self faster. So now she has REALLY dirty onesies. She isn't really pulling herself up yet. She will do it once or twice and then she is done with that. She really loves running in her walker. Well I am going to post more photos on our website. It takes a while with stupid dial up. We are going to Vegas this Wednesday so I will try to get back to you all before we go.


ekay03 - April 25

Hello ladies, Not only is JoJo crawling, but she is pulling up on eveything she can find including the carseat. So needless to say she takes quite a few crashandburns during the day. She is such a silly little thing. When she first wakes up in the morning I put her in bed with me and she just pulls my hair then rolls over and pulls my husbands hair (he has dreadlocks). Its funny because I'm wide awake, but he is still sleeping. So it's funny to watch him try and escape her grips. JoJo is still working on her tooth. I keep thinking it will be anyday, but still nothing. I have been so tired lately. I had my thyroid checked and the panel came back okay, but this is ridiculous. I couldn't even stay up for 'What about Brian' last night! And I am super cranky too. I mean SUPER cranky. My poor husband!


MichelleB - April 26

Hey Girls. Well, I am miserable. Kiev has been up pretty much ever hour from midnight on for the last week and a half. He is wide awak at 1, 2, 4, 5, ugh. My poor husband. I am soo cranky. He has had a cough, so that was keeping him up, then his tooth came in, now he is pooping in the middle of the night, which is unheard of, he has a major diaper rash, probably from the tooth. He is not as cranky during the day, probably because he has figured out how to move around the room. Plus he can now stand up in his crib, so in the middle of hte night, I come in and he is screaming, standing up..I have to physically hold him down to take a nap. What a chance. Cannot wait for the next change so things can go back to normal. I have a question for moms. Kiev is wanting a bottle in the middle of the night again. I know he should not need one, but it is the only way to quiet him. Is he not eating enough during the day? He eats at least 6 ice cubes of food + a meat at ever meal, plus yogert or cookie, + 5 bottles of about 6 oz a day. What is up. Should I just let him cry himself back to sleep, or should I continue to give him a bottle. I have tried the crying for 1/2 an hour, then I cannot take it anymore. What woul you guys do?........Ekay, I hope this doesnt come out the wrong way, but my husband asked if I might be depressed cause I am so sleepy all the time (and I b__w up over the littlest stupidest things). Just a thought. Although if I met a mom of an 8 month old who wasnt tired, I would be shocked. Lyn, hav ea great time in Las Vegas. I dream of going to vegas someday.


ekay03 - April 26

Oh, Michelle, you poor thing! That sounds so awful. I would just let him have the bottle, if you cuddling him back to sleep doesn't work. He'll probably switch up his schedule again before too long. And by the way, I know I am depressed. I have been on antidepressants for almost 8 years. I cut back to only 10mg a day instead of 20mg. That might be my problem, but if that's gonna make me as angry as I have been, I think there might be something else wrong. Me and hubby aren't getting on so well. One major issue is s_x. I don't wanna have it. We haven't been intimate in over a month. The thought literally grosses me out. I know he is really upset over that even though he doesn't really come out and say anything. I just need to give myself an att_tude adjustment, it's no one else but me. I find myself getting so frustrated at my kids, and most the time it's because I'm upset or stressed out over something else. My husband told me last night that he tries to make them laugh because all I do is yell at them. I feel like I'm the only one trying to discipline and like I said before I'l get so frustrated at him for just sitting there while I'm doing everything else and I'll just take it out on them. I know it's wrong and last night I actually realized what I was doing. So I am trying to put that in check. Anyways, my advice, what a bit before having another and stop at 2!!!! Two is easy, three (close together) is admission to a looney bin.


MichelleB - April 26

Your right to feel that way Ekay. I b__w up at Jeff all the time. When he comes home and just plopps himself on the coach to watch TV while I am cooking his supper, trying to feed and calm the baby, clean up his mess from breakfast. My floor hasnet been vacc_med in weeks and I dont know why that bothers me so much, but it does. I need an att_tude change too. Its hard to do. Everytime I do it, and decide f*%^ it, I will just do everything myself, it lasts a week, then I explode on poor Jeff. Why does it seem husbands are so laid back. whats the secret. AS for #2, we plan on starting again around August, which we will have to seriously discuss. Its me more than him, I just dont want to be preg forever, kinda want to shut that door sooner than later, plus I want them close together.........we'll see. That actually means we will have to have s_x, which cuts into my sleeping time! Hang in there.....tomorrow your att_tude might be totally different.


MichelleB - April 27

Kiev for the last two days has been falling asleep sitting up in his crib. He has done it every time sinse morning nap. It is so funny. He will not stay down in his crib anymore, always sitting up and standing, I guess this is a comprimise! Too funny, I will have to get a picture.


MichelleB - April 27

I put new pictures up on my site....they are the ones we had done at cute.


ekay03 - May 1

Those pics are adorable Michelle. He is so expressive! I put up some new pics of She is such a ham. She's getting better about being a fuss-b___t. I yanked my ring out last night because I've been bleeding again. So basically it's been about 6 or 7 weeks of bleeding with two 5 day breaks. It's c___p. Does anyone have any advice on other bc options?


lyn - May 2

So we are back from Vegas. Kate got her second tooth on the 2 hour flight, learned to crawl better, and wave she has also been pulling up on people . And for me well I got my period. Michelle- I think Kiev is just going through a phase. Hopefully it will be over soon. I know when Kate learns a new trick she does it for a couple weeks and then starts something new. Ekay- I hope you get to feeling better. C___p... Kate is crying. We have new photos from our trip up also.


lyn - May 6

So KAte is now pulling up all the time. What a differance 5 days makes!! She is even crusing alittle. That's all that is new here!!


MichelleB - May 6

Cute Pics Lyn. Do you have to book a seat for Kate, or do they let her fly for free adn get a seat. Kiev had decided that he can walk now...only his feet dont seem to know how yet. It is so funny. He pulls up on the coach and just turns and starts walking away from teh coach, only he falls instantly cause hsi legs are all jelloey, laughs hysterically, then does it again. Its so funny to watch. Two Teeth down, only,,,,what... 18 to go?


MichelleB - May 9

Hi girls....hope everyone is doing great. I am housebound this week.. I lost my licence for speeding :<. Kiev is sleeping a lot in the day (2 hours morning, 1 afternoon), but up everynight at 12. He has been asleep for 2/12 now..i better go check him..hes OK. He still falls asleep sitting up, then falls on his stomach..he sleeps much better on his stomach..i should try that at night. So I have been doing yardwork galor this week, plus we are laying a walkway this weekend. The flies are ridiculous, but better that than being stuck inside. Kiev crawled the other day for the first time...hasnt done it sinse. He pulls up on everything, causing us to start babyproofing the house, but there are so many corners...i dont know what to do. R U guys taking out all coffee tables, TV stands, or am I just overreacting. He is cruising teh furniture a little, but mostly, he still thinks in his head taht he can walk, so he pulls himself up, then turns around and DIVES into me. If I am not there, well, the floor it is. He is a wildman! I am just rambling now. Where is everyone? Also, who hereis in it you EKAY? I have a friend moving down there next month, doesnt know a soul


lyn - May 9

Today is my birthday...hooray...It has been pretty boring so far. Kate takes 2 2 1/2 hours after she wakes up (for 2 hours) then one 3 1/2 hours after that (1 1/2 -2 hrs) I ALWAYS put her on her tummy to sleep. As long as they can move, rollover or sit up they are way out of danger for SIDS. She only sleeps for 11 hrs at night though. When we went to Vegas we didn't have to buy an extra seat, they just sat me next to an empty one. It rocked. Last time on the way back they sat me next to a couple ON THE INSIDE!!! And she POOPED THE CRAP out of her pants and of coarse every empty row behind us was taken up by people catching up on their no sleeping trip. Those b___ds!! So there was no where but the floor to change her. It was a stinky one so they all got to smell it at least. Anyways that was 3 months ago so. But this time was great. That sucks that you lost your licence. Kate started doing the gorilla crawl, it is soo funny. Well I am in need of a shower and she is asleep so I had better go do it!! Talk to ya later!!



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