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ekay - February 13

Does anyone else ever wonder what happened to Jo, Jennifer or Kara? I do...Anywho, is anyone else's baby waking up during the night after going months actaully sleeping through the night? Josephine is baffling me! Well, I started Weight Watchers. I followed the stupid program and didn't lose any weight the first week. My pants started to feel looser though, so I'll stick with it. My mom lost 5 lbs and my stepdad lost 10 lbs the first week. That sucks, for me, not them. I move in two weeks. Thank goodness. Hey, Beth, how are you guys settling in? How do you like Texas?


MichelleB - February 13

Ekay I was baffled with Kievs sleeping too. Sinse January he woke up every night a few times until..............LAST NIGHT HE SLEPT THROUGH! I didnt have to get out of bed was a mini miracle! Good luck with the weight watchers Ekay. I havent weighed myself sinse December, but I will tomorrow at the Dr. From Aug when Kiev was born until Dec i did not lose a pound....lets see what excerciseing actually does!! Ekay..where are you moving. I am getting all the movers mixed up!


MichelleB - February 14

So much for excercising....ugh. I have not lost even one pound. Sinse the day I walked out of the hospital, i still weigh the same. To drowned my sorrows I stopped at McDonals on the way home! Kiev is doing good, but he is not gaining much weight. he is only 16lb 13 oz and apparently that is below average so we have to go back to dr again in 2 months. He had a cold last week, so hopefully he was low weight because of that. He got his needles too....poor guy. He is so happy at the dr office, until he sees our Dr. I swear he recognizes her. He started SCREAMING bloody murder before he got his needles, and just continued until we left. He only grew 1/2 inch as well in the last two months...he getter go through a growing spurt again soon!


ekay - February 15

Goodness, welcome to my world Michelle. I would have done even more damage than just McDonalds! I am seriously thinking about joining a food addicition group. I might sound like I am kidding or whatever, but I get upset about something and I head straight for the pantry. It is starting to affect my family life as well because I get so upset. BTW, Michelle, you may not have lost any weight but you probably only weigh 130 or something right? Try weighing 170!!!! I think back to the good old days of 130 and I used to think I was fat back then. HA! I'd give my left leg for 145 or 150. Enough about weight though. I am also concerned about JoJo's size. At her 4 month she weighed 14.7 lbs and was 26 inches long. But she seems so small compared to her sister at that age. She is a rasberry b__wing fool though. It is so cute. And for some reason she finds her brother absolutely hilarious. She'll smile and coo and me and my husband, but she goes nuts when my son starts talking to her. It's so dang funny.


lyn - February 15

Kate and I are back from Vegas. And she did great the whole time!!! SHe slept better, and was a total doll the whole time. About her new photos on the web site, we got them at portrait innovations. It took 30 minutes and we left with the photos!! it was awesome!! Anyways I need a nap I will get back on later and write more.


MichelleB - February 15

Welcome back girls...I felt like I was the only one checking int here for a while :<. Ekay, yeah, I was 130, forever. Now I am 150 and I just dont think my body wants to let go of it. I know it could be much worse, and I will be completely happy if I stay this size forever. I am just so scared of getting pregnant again and adding more and more weight ot the mix. Now,I would just like to have some clothes to wear! Maybe I should bite the bullet adn go buy some. ugh. I will give it 2 more months. I have the idea in my head the my husband just doesnt look at me the same way. Its probably all in my head, but still, it feels real. Enough Dr. Phil moments. Kiev weighed the same as JOJO at his 4 month appointment, and they actually said he was big for age.he was wearing 6 month clothes at 2 months and he is still wearing the same clothes at 6 months. Its just strange. Anyway..he is happy and healthy adn sleeping magnificently so I will not worry! Welcome back lyn. Glad your travels went well. I am going to sydney for the weekend and am petrified of disrupting the schedule! Have a good night to you tomorrow!


Jo - February 16

Hey!! I just happened to check out this site for first time in ages and see your post, Ekay. Too d__n funny. Hope you all are doing well.


citrouille - February 17

Hi girls, Michelle i'm in the same situation as you. I haven't lost anything since Tristan was born. I'm also stuck at 150 and not budging. I guess ekay you are right that I shouldn't complain because it isn't that bad, it's just that I don't have any clothes that fit and we have no money so I can't buy any! I bought some exercise dvd so hopefully I can get myself in better shape. I'm like you though I have serious food issues! I'm a candy addict.. I know it sounds stupid but when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to have any candy ever. I'm still catching up for lost time, but it is all going to my hips and a__s! Tristan has the chicken pox. He didn't get it very badly but it took two doctors to figure out what it was seeing as normally babies don't get it so early on. He is pretty much all better now but still has a few spots. He has also found his feet and spends most of the day trying to grab them. It is hilarious. He has also slowed down on his growth and weight. The doctor didn't seem concerned though. Are any of you still b___stfeeding? I keep getting stupid comments from people about it. Because Tristan doesn't sleep well everyone I talk to says that it is mostly likely because my milk isn't enough for him. and that either I don't have enough milk or that it isn't of good enough quality! What kinda c___p is that?! It seems like they are shocked that I'm still b___stfeeding him at 4 and 1/2 months.. it isn't like he is 2 years old or something.. geez! Stupid French people :( We are moving in May! We've sold our place and are buying a new place.. so we move out of our place in May and into the new, bigger condo where tristan will finally have his own room!!!!! So excited!


lyn - February 17

I am still b___stfeeding. I don't plan on stopping till she is a year old. I am going on a real diet on Monday. Hopefully it will last. I just want to loose 15-20lbs. I have just been so unhappy about my weight. It is driving me crazy!! Kate has not pooped since Wed morning on the plane. It is making me crazy because I know she is gonna poop the c___p out of her pants (in more ways than one) in the middle of the night and it is gonna suck. I am thinking of makeing her food when she hit 6 months. My dad stocked her up on baby food till then. She had sweet potatos tonight. We give her 1 jar for 5 days, so she is just getting a taste of them. I guess she gets to start on a full jar a day in the next 2 weeks, so that will be fun. Well I'm gonna go to bed and prepare for the pooping at 4am. Talk to everyone later.


citrouille - February 18

I'd also like to b___stfeed until tristan is a year old. haha lyn that is so funny about Kate's poop. Tristan always manages to poop so much that his diaper just leaks everywhere! I have so many poop-stained onsies it isn't even funny! Well.. small victory today, I managed to squeeze myself into some pre pre pregnancy fat pants I had.. they are from back when I was a bit chubbier years before I got pregnant;. sad that I can only squeeze into my fat clothes.. I'm eons away from fitting into my "real" clothes. I should probably just get rid of them, I'll probably never fit in them again. I'm so sad because I have the cutest skirts for summer and I was hoping I'd fit in them this summer but I don't think that's going to happen.


MichelleB - February 18

Hey girls. I am home in Sydney at a party...without my baby! Its wild. Mom and Dad are taking care of Kiev. Cit, goo d to hear from you. I cannot believe Tristan has the chicken pocks. I would be a mess worrying. My friends son is here and his name is Tristan too! Off topic, but its kinda unique. Lyn, I cannot believe she didnt poop in that long. It must be backed up to her eyeb___s! Kiev's slowed down when I introduced solids, but never for more than a day or two. Also, I recommend making baby food. It is SSOOOO easy. I cannot stress it enough. I have made squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots..and I think I will keep going. You basically just cook it and blend it in a blender, poor it into icecube trays, freeze, then put them in freezer bags. I take out 4-5 cubes every day for Kiev's supper. TTYS! I am having a bottle of wine tonight...wippie!


Beth - February 20

Hello everyone. . .man I cannot believe how little I am posting lately. Anyhow, Ekay we are doing good here in Texas, so far we love it, it is so freaking cold here though, we are Sssooooo not used to 35 degree weather!! we are still in no way close to being settled in, I feel so lazy, but I rather spend time playing on the floor with Alyssa!! As for sleeping goes Alyssa's sleeping has been HORRIBLE since we moved here. I wanted to put her in her own room when we got here since I never put her in her own room in California. . .BUT my fiance's brother decided to move with us to Texas and so we gave up Alyssa's room to him because I did not want to give up the other kids rooms. Anyways she has been in her crib in our room for three weeks here but his brother decided to leave and move back to California after 3 weeks here so now she has her own room again, I just need to make the time to move all her stuff over there! As for weight, I am not sure where Alyssa is at, she is definetly stretching out though, she was 17 pounds last time she was at the doctor I think that was Jan. 5.


Beth - February 20

oops hit send to soon. . .I put Alyssa on baby food for both breakfast and dinner a few weeks ago. She has half a container (you know those little snap shut gerber containers) of a fruit for breakfast and then half of anotehr for dinner, usually squash or sweet potatoes. She LOVES them. So far she has tried bananas, peaches, pears, squash and sweet potatoes, she knows what time is breakfast and dinner to, she gets crabby until she is fed. She takes bottles of formula and sometimes water in the middle of the day. She wants ssoo bad to crawl, I walk out of the room for minutes and come back and she is halfway across the room by scooting!!


Jo - February 21

It's been so long since i've posted here, I don't know where to start, so I'll just randomly jump in. Cayden's now 3 1/2 months, and has been in full time daycare for about 3 weeks (i'm back at work). Thankfully he loves so entranced by all the activity, doesn't nap anymore, so is cranky, but otherwise okay. Whoever said they don't have one clean matter how tight I strap on the diaper, it tends to leak or overflow. Kudos to you guys who stuck w/the b.feeding...i quit at about 3 months, though started scaling down around christmas (I got really sick, didn't eat and didnt produce much milk). I sort of feel bad for giving up, yet formula is's easier to tank him up at nite, which makes him sleep better. One question to everyone: when did your period come back?


citrouille - February 22

hi Jo, glad to hear from you! Sorry you got sick around Christmas, that must have sucked! I got my period once 10 days after I started the minipill and haven't got it back since. I was freaked so I did a pregnancy test but it is negative. I'm sure that i'm not ovulating seeing as I'm still b___stfeeding 100%. You shouldn't feel bad about using formula.. if I was working I wouldn't b___stfeed. I think it is too hard to juggle. Plus it is tiring on the body. I tried to do some exercise for the first time yesterday;. man did it hurt! I did some situps.. I used to be able to do hundreds and I could only do about 30! And today I'm paying for it.. snif snif


ekay - February 22

Josephine slept through the night last night. Yippee. I think she is finally growing out of her crying stage. Finally. But, I think I have another pistol on my hands. She is already bringing her knees up underneath herself to crawl. She's barely 5 1/2 months old. And she rolls everywhere. I'll lay her on a rug in the living room and when I come back she's rolled off of it and is licking the wood floor. Anywho, I am still b___stfeeding, however at her babysitter's she has started rejecting my milk unless there is a little bit of formula in it, but she drinks it fine from me. Picky booger. Well, I start painting our house tonight. Even though its not our house and we may only live in it a year or so, I have this undeniable itch to decorate a home and make it my own. And, by the way, I am embracing my chubbyness. I have been beating myself up over weight loss and I think with all the stress I am under right now and b___stfeeding, it's just not the time. And by the way, Beth, I think you brought the arctic chill with you. It was balmy until you moved down! :-) Well, I'm off. Did I mention that I am the proud mother of a just-turned-5-year-old. I feel old.


MichelleB - February 24

Hi girls. I have been having a rough week. I dont know if I am just tired from the trip or because he is getting up more at night, crying more, screaming more (continuously!), banging more....ugh. I need a break. I went to bed at 8pm last night, and man do I feel better today. I cannot imagine haveing 2 or 3 to take care of on days like yesterday. Ekay, I love painting the house. I think it is my favorite thing to do. We have already painted our whole house, but I might change some colors just so I can continue painting! Although I have never done it with a baby around..i bet thats challenging. I cannot believe JOJO is that close to crawling. That is exciting and scary at the same time. Kiev is starting to pull himself up. We will grab onto your pants or hands and just loves standing and jumping once he gets up there. Still cannot roll over consistantly, but I guess he thinks he doesnt have to sinse I always go get him. Anyway, if Kiev gets up int eh next 10 minutes we are going to a play group at the library. He loves watching teh chaos! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Nice to hear from you Jo. My period came back about 4 weeks after I stopped b___stfeeding. now it is pretty regular that I am back ont eh pill.



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