NEW 37 Wks And Hard Stomach And Pain

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dilanna - May 3

im 37 weeks and over the last few days been feeling tight in the stomach and and the babys been sticking out on the right side making it rather sore, my right side has also been feeling very heavy and painfully. and i seem to be in alot of pain wen i wake up or if ive been still in a position is there any one who shares a smiliar problem and what can i do to make it better.


christineg - May 3

Sometimes our little guy gets bunched up on the right side too. I'm not really sure what he is doing in there, but it does hurt. My belly gets rock hard on that side and looks lop-sided..hehe I think he is just running out of room. Sometimes it's just a foot sticking straight out on the right side too, and even just that really hurts. I hope you feel better!


dilanna - May 3

thanx for ur reply. at least i know its normal to feel this. gud luck with ur pregnancy.


Trina_ - May 3

I get the same thing. I'm 38 weeks today..and my little girl is always balled up on the right side. And last night when I woke up my stomach was rock hard all over. Wonder if that is some sort of contraction??


3-4me - May 3

If you are getting the hard bellies don't worry I get that with all my pregnancies. This one started early on too. It is probly just braxton hicks contractions. They can take your breath away I know! I still get a kick out of how hard my belly gets when they happen. It's very often towards the end though. Don't worry it's actually not a bad thing. Just getting your body ready! Good Luck Girls! Enjoy it while it lasts, believe it or not you will miss that when it's gone.


dilanna - May 4

sorry about the miss type im actually 35 weeks. today ive been feeling regular braxton hicks contractions. wondering if im actually going into early labour. i started timing them this morning, at 11 am i got a contraction, then 1 hr 15 mins i felt another one. i lost track of time after that now since 3.15 i seem to be having contraction pain again and then at 3.30 and 3.45 which is now, im not sure if they r reall contractions, as i think they may be a bit more painful then this. im also getting lower back pain, like a peroid pain for a few days now. uis tightening of the v____a a contraction too?


angelbebe - May 4

Dilanna-I would keep an eye on them. I have periods in the day where I have several braxton hicks in a row, and in my case being 37 weeks and my little girl dropping, I feel more pressure on my cervix and all the nerves down there making them feel crampy. That is all really normal at this point. And what is it about them bunching up on the right side?!!! That is so funny!! Thought it was just my little girl. SO funny. Her little bum totally sticks out and so does her foot out on my left side. Hurts sometimes! : )



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