New Mommies What To Buy Or Ask For

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Victoria_1985 - April 25

I'm totally new at this whole MOMMY thing(wow we're going to be mommies!!)...what exactly do you need for your first baby? I know basics, like crib, diapers, clothes, blankets, ect...but any suggestions on helpful items not usual thought of until they're needed? Thankx


Nita_ - April 25

I was just thinking of posting a question here. Asking for what you guys have on your registry vs buying on your own. I have a baby shower coming up next month and I don't have a registry set up. Will hate to see duplicate items or not so useful items as gifts. I heard babies grow out of the newborn outfits pretty fast. Is that true? if so, should I buy things from 3-6 month range? i'm soo confused!


bean - April 25

Hey Ladies - try posting this one on the infant care forum - you'll get lots of great responses!


meme - April 25

All new moms of late have first suggested a bouncy chair. It is revered above a swing because you can move it around a lot easier... so it can be by the shower when you're taking one, in the kitchen while you're cooking, etc. I have a baby sling. Snugglies are cool, but slings you can wear in any position, they keep baby even closer, and they're great for arms-free nursing. You actually don't necessarily need a crib. Depends on whether you'll be co-sleeping or not.


Ducky - April 26

Thermomiter, Mylicon (baby gas medicine) Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Brush, TONS AND TONS OF DIAPERS (I suggest asking every one who comes to your baby shower to bring a pack of diapers ALONG with their gifts for the baby. I did it and my son is 2 months old and there is no need for us to buy diapers for at least another month) Spit Up Rags (to wipe babys face during feeding) and lots of baby books about what to expect from your baby (how he will act, how to care for the cord and what he will look like....You may think you know, but you have no idea until he/she is home and you're like, 'Why is is whole scalp red and peeling." A viberating seat (a life saver to me, my one month old can't get enough of it) And lots of bottles with the right size nipples and holes. Tons of Ortho binkies (pacifyers) Ortho doesn't harm the way your babies teeth grow and I guarentee you they will be his favorite if your baby is a binky lovin' baby like mine. Thats all I can think of for now.



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