New Strange Twinging Pain

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alirenee86 - October 24

...I've been completely fine with everything up until now I'm 37 weeks, had a dr appt yesterday and the dr. said the baby's head is pretty far down, which leads him to believe the baby may come sooner than later, but sooner meaning 39-40 weeks though you never can tell. Well, today, since I've gotten up, I have a very funny or new or strange pain in my very lower abdominal (pelvic?) region that comes and goes. Like a bad twisting, tightening, hurting pain that makes me gasp, every so often. I thought the Braxton Hicks contractions were the coupl,e of occasions where my entire stomach/uterus felt very tight and a bit uncomfortable but no big deal. Are THESE Braxton Hicks however?? Are contractions supposed to feel that low in your stomach. It's very low and again, comes and goes. I'm on hold for my dr. right now as I have no idea what it's from but it hurts...anybody have this? Please help!! :)


nicole12 - October 24

alirenee, I too am 37 weeks today and had my son just before 37 weeks, so I know that I can go any time now. I have been having those pains very low and also in my back all day. Can you let me know what your dr. says? I should probably call mine, but am trying to wait a bit. I am very nervous b/c with my son my water broke first so I knew it was real. I wish that would happen this time so I would know for sure and not wait too long.


alirenee86 - October 24

My doctor asked if the baby is moving normally. I don't know as I don't normally feel it that strong though I know he moves a lo0t and have not really noticed today because of this other pain. I have no pain in my back or anywhere else and the pain when it does come, lasts about 2-3 seconds. My dr said without any leakage or for that short amount of time and no other symptoms, if the baby is moving, it sounds normal to him and could just be Braxton-Hicks as that is felt anywhere from the lower to upper part of your stomach/uterus. He said to come in if I feel I need to or if after laying on my side I don't really feel the baby move. I'm not getting myself upset and neurotic trying to feel movement and not sure that I do but that could be totally normal too as yesterday everything was. I think I"m just freaking myself out now. I can totally deal with this random pain so long as I know it's normal to be feeling it. I may to in to the dr just for peace of mind. You have had the same feeling too though?? I'm sure this is normal...


nicole12 - October 24

yes....good luck to you and keep me posted.


Buffi R. - October 24

Not to scare you, but your pains could be actual labor pains. I'm speaking from experience when I say that you can very well be in labor without having a contraction that feels like a typical BH contraction with the stomach firming at the top of your uterus. With my first, all my contractions were felt in the very low abdomen only - no noticable tightening at the top, at least not at the beginning. They felt like mild menstrual pains at first, then got worse and closer together. If yours aren't true labor pains, they should subside with a change in position (like laying down), drinking lots of fluids, or walking. If they get stronger & closer together, call your doctor back and see if he wants you to go to the hospital to check everything out. And don't worry about deliverying now. Babies are considered full term at 37 weeks. Whether you're "prepared" for delivery in other ways, only you can probably answer, but your baby should be just fine. good luck! :-)


alirenee86 - October 25

Thanks Buffi. I had the pain or feeling agaoin last night before falling asleep. Today, none of that so who knows. I'm ready as I can be I suppose and my husband knows it could be any day at this point. I guess at this point in the pregnancy, these pains and pulls are to be expected. My hunch or gut feeling was that this is what the beginning pain of contractions must feel like. Feeling that for the first time is strange and I did have mild menstral cramps the day before. CRAZY, but the due date is ALL based on when YOU tell your dr. the last day of your period was. It's like you think for a second and give you best guess but if you're not one to keep track like that, it's a total guess!! You could be off by a good week!! 37 weeks could really be 38 or 39!!


Buffi R. - October 25

That's true about your due date. Unless you were doing ovulation testing or something like In Vitro Fertilization, it's a c___p shoot. Even if you know when your LMP was, your cycle might have been long or short, and that can make a big difference too. Ovulation date to period is almost always 14 days, so dating your pregnancy by ovulation date is usually very accurate, but the time from your period to ovulation can vary widely. Early in your pregnancy, they probably estimated your baby's age in an ultrasound, and if it made sense for your due date, they probably wouldn't change anything. That's about the only other time (before around 12 weeks when the baby's size starts to differ from one baby to another) when they can confirm your due date.


alirenee86 - October 25

Yeah, I remember an ultra-sound early on measuring the due date as being about 6 days off reading about 6 days early which isn't a big deal. It's a c___pshoot!! How far along are you Buffi?


Buffi R. - October 26

I'm a little over 31 weeks. On Wednesday (Halloween!) I'll be 32 weeks, and that's a major milestone for me because I had my son at 32 weeks five years ago. And the crazy thing is his due date was on Halloween - go figure. I had him 9-7-02. Things are going well this pregnancy dispite a couple trips to L&D for monitoring when I was spotting, but I keep getting sent home with a clean bill of health. I've been on weekly OB appts since 28 weeks with all the bells & whistles - weekly ultrasounds, biophysical profiles, non-stress tests, cervical length scans, and every two weeks I have a fetal fibronectin test done to help indicate if labor might be starting soon. I keep pa__sing all the tests with flying colors, but I think once I get through next week, I can finally start breathing again. :-) I've been so worried about going into labor early again, especially this last month, but things are looking very good, knock on wood.


alirenee86 - October 26

I"m glad to hear it's going well so far and looks like you may not deliver so early this time!! Any reason in particular you were so early with your first?? I know they say wiht your first you can carry longer. My mother was 2 weeks late with both my sister and I. So I'm thinking I might go a week past my due date of Nov. 13th since my ultra-sound a while back was measuring about 6 days early. My own strange calculation. Who knows but I'm anxious now! Totally organized and set for the most part and don't really know what else to do with myself rigtht now as I'm done with work. The nursery is done and perfect and I can't clean any more or I'll be a serious OCD freak!


Buffi R. - October 27

There were two reasons I delivered early, but we're not sure which was more of the culprit. I had a bacterial v____al infection diagnosed at my OB appt the day before I went into labor. Looking back, it's pretty obvious that the infection was there for about a week before it got diagnosed, so that gave the infection plenty of time to start irritating my uterus before I started the antibiotic. I had been having more v____al discharge (watery) throughout that week that got worse and worse until the appt, and we're pretty sure that was from the infection. When I went into labor, I didn't even know I was in labor for about 8 hours - a combination of it not being so bad (early labor), the antibiotic had a side effect of the "feeling of menstrual cramps" so I had something easy to blame it on, and lots of denial. :-) By the time I went to the hospital I was already dilated to 3. They put me on IV drugs to try to stop the labor but it didn't work. Once they turned off the drugs I had him within about two hours (only 20 minutes of pushing!). After he was born and the placenta came out, the doctor took one look at it and realized I also had a mild placental abruption. We think the combination of the infection & placental abruption both contributed to the sudden and fast labor. Once you've had a placental abruption, you're prone to have one again, so that's why I'm being watched so closely (for infections too), but we're hoping it was all just a fluke last time.



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