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Jodie - November 18

Hello! Kris A are you still around? Is the baby still in the belly? Just curious...hoping the men aren't working you to hard or anything. I still have my baby in my guts.....I am starting to go crazy.....uncomfortable.......ahhhh


kris A. - November 19

Yep, I am still here... baby still in belly and ENJOYING my saturday sitting on my behind after sleeping in - hips are hurting. I had 12 to 14 hour days all last week, and by the end I was so tired I was just a mess. I went to the doc's yesterday and he did a check - 50% effaced, 1 cm, but when he checked he swept my membranes without asking, it didn't hurt at all but I could feel him doing it. Baby dropped last night and I am having pretty regular but very weak contractions, so we'll see what happens this weekend. As far as work goes, I got the install done and the doc_mentation complete so I feel ready to have baby Wren now... Have you finalized names yet - other than my hips hurting I actually feel pretty good, although I dont plan on getting off the couch today... hehehe. I have a laptop, a puppy at my side, and three kids to wait on me... all I need are some contractions and a baby and we'll be set!


lilmum - November 20

hey ladies, I just wanted to let you know I am home with my beautiful baby boy. Mason Dylan weighed 7lbs 4oz and was 20 inches long. Surgery went ok.. could have gone better, but it's over and me and baby are alive and doing really well. My doctor did a really great job on my c-sec actually, there were just alot of other things that went wrong (missed the vein twice while trying to give me an IV and then my spinal wore off before surgery was over) I actually got to leave a day early which was nice because I didn't sleep at all while I was there or the night before. I am so happy to be home and my little man is SO CUTE! My two year old loves his "little brudda" and is doing so well with him.. he's still mad at me for leaving him though. Oh well it will pa__s. Good luck ladies, I will check in again when I have more time.


Jodie - November 21

Hello!! My baby boy is here too. He was 7 lbs 2oz...and 19 inches long. He is finally sleeping!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!! Well...he was. This is gonna take some getting used to.......hehehe.


Tara - November 22

Hi Ladies..Sorry i haven't gotten the chance to tell you all about the baby boy..he was born Nov.3'rd at 2:53pm he was 7lbs.3oz. 19inch...we had some complications when i went to be induced they gave me 2 sleeping pills,2 shots of morephine,then i got some other medicine then i got my epidural..i slept through both epidurals and the bad contractions and woke up when he was ready to be born but i was'nt ready for the really bad contractions they gave me so much medication that i was throwing up while having contractions..then the baby was ready there was 2 nurses helping me because the dr. was in the middle of a histerectomy..the nurse was'nt allowed to cut me tyson was stuck right there at the opening finally they told the dr. he was needed right now so he rushed down and cut me i pushed and pushed finally he came out and the dr. cut the cord and threw the baby to the nurses because he was'nt breathing he would'nt let anyone get near the baby because he was so blue my husband knew something was wrong and started crying my mom was told to move by my husband so she could'nt see the baby..i kept asking why he was'nt crying they would'nt answer me finally they stuck a tube down his throat and pulled it back out he popped open his eyes and started crying..that was the best sound in the whole world..we're doing great now he is so precious and wonderful i would do it all over again...well ladies i best go check on to you all soon and congrats to those who had their babies..


kris A. - November 22

to Jodie and lilmum and all the new mommies - CONGRATS!!!! I am still with child and waddling around with pressure, minimal dialation, and no progress, but figure she cant stay in there forever .... although sometimes it sure feels that way... I wish all of you the best. Hugs and baby kisses!



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