Newborn Breathing Monitor

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tish212 - October 18

I read an earlier post that included some info on this monitor u can get for ur nb so that if they quit breathing an alarm goes off.... I am terrified of sids and want to get one of these monitors can someone tell me the name of this device...and an estimated price? thank u in advance!


DDT - October 19

Angel Care and it costs about $100.


tish212 - October 19

thank u I buy it online or can I get it in a store?


DDT - October 19

I never bought one but have heard of it. You can buy it at Target or Babies R Us


January - October 19

Actually what it does is detects movement.. if your baby doesn't move every 20secs, the alarm goes off. I've heard a lot of poor reviews on this.. check the reviews online. The alarm goes off constantly.. and it was more worry for the parents then SIDS was..


alirenee86 - October 19

That's true, January. I've read it detects movement and have wondered if they must go off a lot as what if the baby is just super still for a while. That could drive you crazy. I think it sounds better than it is practical.


Buffi R. - October 19

I used one of these monitors with my first because he was a preemie who came home with medical conditions, and by doctor's orders, we had to let him sleep on his belly. I never had any problems with the monitor going off unnecessarily while he slept. But I did have a bad habit of forgetting to switch it off when I got him out of bed. About 30 seconds later the alarm would go off, right as I was settling into the glider rocker in his room to feed him, and I'd have to get back up and turn it off, baby in my arms the whole time. That was a pain, but I loved it other than that. It's probably the only reason I got any sleep myself that first year. :-)


Happymommy - October 19

Personally, I would only use one if medically necessary--like for a preemie. Those kind measure the level of oxygen in the blood and use a finger or toe probe, I believe??? Anyways, I think the moving monitors would cause more stress than what they're worth. Babies can sleep pretty soundly, and that time is a lifesaver for a mommy! Do you really want them to woken up by an alarm when they are in their deepest sleep? Just keep loose clothing out of your crib and lay your baby on her back. Those precautions have decreased the SIDS rate dramatically.


meg - October 19

I have the Angel Care monitor & I love it! My ds is 13 months & I still use it (yes I am addicted!) We have never once had a false alarm. There is a flat piece that goes under the mattress & the monitor itself, one in your little ones room & one in your room. I hardly ever turned the one in our room on because the ticking drove me nuts, & my ds room is right next door, so if, Gof forbid, it did ever go off, I could hear it no problem. I am pg. & will definitely use it again! I highly recommend it! Also, I don't know if you live in an area where there is a Meijer's, but their Angel Care is only $40...much better than Babies R Us $100!


name - October 19

I had one with my daughter and had no false alarm problems. It finally broke so I had to throw it away. I would like to get one for my son but I can't afford the $100.


Pipa - October 19

I really don't think I would use something like that unless medically necessary b/c that just seems to me that it would encourage obsessive worrying. Plus, would you like that if you were the baby? I don't know, as soon as I think about it, I just think, noooooo, that seems like looking for trouble. That's just me though.


Mommy2Be - October 20

We have one and I absolutely love it. I used it with my son until he was about 16 months and only stopped using it because I wanted to get used to not having it for him since we'll be using it for the new baby. It does detect movement, but is so sensitive that it detects movement of breathing. As long as the baby isn't moved way off the sensor it shouldn't go off because of a deep sleep, babies still breathe in a deep sleep. I wonder if something was wrong with the monitors that had false alarms all the time? The one time the alarm did go off was a scary time for us. My son is not a sound sleeper at all and wakes up to any sort of noise. He had a bad cold at the time. As soon as I heard the alarm I went running to his room. When I got there he hadn't woke up which was highly unusual for him. I yelled his name and still no response. I screamed for my husband and "shook" my son by the shoulders lightly, still nothing from him. I picked him up out of his crib and he was limp and still not responsive. By the time my husband got to his room he was awake and moving. I'll never know what would have happened if we didn't have the alarm, maybe everything would have been fine, I don't know. I'm just glad we had it that night.



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