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AMY - January 16

iM 28WKS 2 DAYS PREG. iM DUE APRIL 9TH AND IM SO EXCITED TO BE IN THE 3RD TRIMESTER!!! JUST WONDERING HOW EVERYONE ELSE DUE IN APRIL IS. IVE BEEN ON BED REST TWICE.My pelvic bone hurts me constantly,it burns its so sore! I cant wait to have ths baby!!!


Kel - January 16

Hi Amy, I am due April 2 - one week before you! Haven't been on bed rest, although I wish I have!!! I'm so tired, I just can't stand being at work anymore. I can't wait to be off with the little one. Other than the tiredness, I am feeling OK. I have pain my tailbone and have a hard time sleeping. Last night I was having pains in the side of my tummy, the baby was pretty active, so she must have been stretching or something cause man did it hurt!! Do you know what you are having? Is this your first?


Lisa D - January 16

Hey ladies, I am just now joining the 3rd trimester page and am due April 5th. I was sick until 20 weeks so enjoying this phase much more. However, I am with Amy - my pelvic bone hurts constantly. I have a hard time getting comfortable on my side, sitting, standing... it is all painful. But I am so thrilled to not be throwing up that all is great in my world.


Emmakirst - January 16

Hi ladies. I am just entering the 3rd trimester today. I am due April 10th and BEYOND ready to have this baby. This is my 4th. I just left work last week. Couldn't do any heavy lifting anymore, (Nurse) So anyway, it'll be great to get to know you guy. check out my homepage for belly pics:


Ashley - January 16

Hi there. I'm 28 weeks going on 29 on Thursday. Due on April 6th! We're very excited. I went to my doc today and failed my glucose screening. I'm really bummed but I know things could be worse. I'm sorry to hear about your bedrest. Hope everything is okay and you and baby and youhave a nice third trimester and birth.


Ronni - January 17

Hi ladies, I am finally at the 3rd trimester!!so excited! I just cant wait for this baby to be out. I too was sick w/ horrible m/s up until about 18 weeks. so glad that went away. Now i am experiencing the carpal tunnel, so annoying. I also failed the glucose test, i had to take the three hour test, which i pa__sed, thank god! Has anyone done the 3d u/s, if so would you reccomend it? still trying to decide if we shoulld do it.


Rachael - January 18

Hello everyone, I'm 29 weeks preggers with my first baby. Don't know what colour, and looking forward to the surprise! Due on April 4th and can't wait. I've still got 6 weeks left at work and it's dragging sooooo much. Can't wait to get out of here and spend some time feathering my nest. For those of you who are over the morning sickness, be warned! Mine's just started up again. I suppose it's because a certain little someone is squashing up my stomach!


ssmith - January 19

I am due the middle of April, with my first. I still worry about EVERYTHING!! I figured that would stop once I pa__sed the 3rd month....nope!! How big are you ladies? I feel as though I am quite small for how far along I am ....although I measure the right size. Is anyone else still in disbelief?!?!


tasha - January 19

Hi ladies, Im 30 weeks, due April 1st. Feeling really good, most times dont know Im pregnant except to look down. I dont feel any different, which I know is a really good thing!(I feel for all of you who are in pain and sick still!!!) Although my emotions have been on a rollarcoaster! Oneday happy next crying, poor dh! I still worry when I dont feel my little one. Not sure if its a boy or girl and really looking forward to seeing it for the first time, Im actually quite calm about birth, maybe just cause so many have done it and everything is fine. Ive got 9 more weeks of work, if baby lets me! Working right up so that I can have most time off with baby. Good Luck to all!


Melanie - January 20

I'm almost 30wks, due April 4. Some new aches and pains, but not bad..... can't complain. I really feel for those on bed rest and with other complications. No fun at all! Suddenly April doesn't seem so far away.......I've been getting my tailfeathers going, nesting away....just need more time to get things organized. I figure it's better to try to get a good bit of it done now, in case the little miss comes early or if I'm just too uncomfy and beach ball-esque later!


Ashley - January 20

I'm trying to decide to whether or not to do the 3d ultrasound too. It's a lot of money but it seems real cool to have especially since my little boy wasn't very cooperative at the last sono.


Tasha - January 20

How much do you have to pay for an ultra sound where you are?


cteel - January 20

Hey can you guys helpm me? I thought trimesters were roughly 13 weeks long. I am 26 weeks on Sunday, does that mean I am beginning my 3rd? I feel so stupid, but its my first time.


lil mumma - January 21

hey guys - I can now officially say I'm in my third trimester. I'm due April 22nd. Woo-hoo! I've been hanging out to come to this forum (3rd trim), because that means not much longer to go... :o) Having a pretty uneventful pregnancy besides my rib aching like crazy when I sleep since 10 weeks, no m/s or crazy food cravings. Having a 4D next week - can hardly wait to see my little boy again! Best of luck to all the mummies and their bubs :o)


Drew - January 21

Woohoo, feels so good to finally be here!! I'm due April 18th if baby is good and stays put! I had pre-term labour at 24 weeks and was hospitalized then put on modified rest, and just last night was back in ldr with contractions. I have a killer cold right now and I guess I'm not drinking enough water. With my luck though I'll probably be over-due now that I've gone through the pre-term stuff!! lol


Daytona - January 22

im due april 12th.



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