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Renee-Marie - April 21

Last night I dreamt that something 'final' happened to my husband and he wasn't coming back. The baby aspect of my life remained constant but throughout the dream I kept going backwards through my life - old boyfriends, old residences, etc, and my life kept getting worse and worse. I actually woke up crying. Anyone else having these sad dreams? Its depressed me now.


meme - April 21

Not so much now anymore, but I was having strange dreams & nightmares for awhile there in the second & third trimesters. I'm 40 weeks today & not waking up with these dreams so much anymore, but having them is a normal part of pregnancy hormones & anxiety. I'm sorry you had such a bad one. I know.... it's awful to have ones that haunt you throughout the day. Maybe if you told your husband about it, he'll hug you & you'll feel better. That's what I do about my bad dreams.


Tillie - April 21

I've definitely had a lot of scary dreams lately, too, especially dreams about death. But it seems like the dream you had last night is very symbolic of the "end" of your husband as you know him, or the end of your relationship pre-baby. Your subconscious is tapped into the fact that your whole life is about to change. It is a kind of symbolic death in a way. Going backwards through your life is amazing--sounds very vivid. It's incredible how we work through real fears and changes while we're sleeping.


Renee-Marie - April 21

Meme, I gave my DH the short short version of my dream, and (in his natural way) he just made a joke about it to make me laugh. I can't remember what he said, but he missed the point that it was very upsetting to me - I mean really, I woke up crying. I htink he started talking or something when I mentioned that part because it didn't register. Oh well. Thanks for your comments to you and Tillie.


meme - April 22

Well, sometimes the things that scare me I wind up not expressing the full gravity of when relating them to people for one reason or another. Did he get that this dream was traumatic enough to wake you up with crying?


starr - April 22

Yes, I have had the scariest dreams since I've been pregnant. I read somewhere that it is normal during pregnancy. Most of my dreams are about something bad happening. I can not even watch scary movies or the previews to them anymore. Even shows that I use to love (interest in the human body) I am terrorfied of now.


mommietobe - April 22

Tillie is right on the money. I've studied dream interpretation for years. Death means a birth , either of a baby or a new situation. Birth means the opposite, a death of a situation. Strange dreams and nightmares are very normal in pregnancy. The going backwards, old boyfriends etc. is you getting ready for the major change coming, meaning new baby.



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