Nipple Creams

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coco797 - November 9

What have you guys heard about nipple creams, other than they are a lifesaver for br___tfeeding mom? :-) What brand is best? I've heard Lansinoh, but I've also heard Medela is good.


jennifer_33106 - November 9

Im glad you asked this cuz I have heard mixed opinions about Lanosin.


Jilloh - November 9

my OB swears by this "stretch mark oil" for things such as stretch marks, sore nipples, and wrinkles. Only problem is it is expensive but it lasts a long time. I have a sample that I was given in the office and that was a few months ago and I still have some left and we are talking the size of a quarter. I don't know if I will buy anymore or not but at least I know it is out there....... It is called Nikiannas Naturals search it in google


jennifer_33106 - November 9

Oh where they were talking about the Lanosin was on the BFing forum and its under cracked nipples. They has some interesting info listed there.


josie4 - November 9

I use this stuff by Aquaphor (a brand by Eucerin) made for dry, cracked and irritated skin. It really saved my nipples. Without it those first couple days of BFing would've been horrendous.


sarah21 - November 12

Anything that contains pure lanolin is great.


Krissy25 - November 12

When you are in the hospital tell the nurse your nipples are sore and ask for some cream for them. The hospital i was at gave me 3 tubes of Pur Lan by medela, and i only needed a little bit of one but i didn't have to go out and buy any so that was a little bit of a bonus.


Rainbowbrite - November 12

I was told to use a flavored lip balm or cherry chapstick....


sunflowergoddess - November 14

I've heard if it gets really bad, your doc can give you an rx for something called Jack Newman


Tory1980 - November 14

The only cream I could use with b___stfeeding three babies that I didn't have to wash off before a feed or that didn't put the baby off was the Lansinoh (?sp). I will use it again with this one. The only draw back is even if your milk settles and you stop leaking you will need to continue to use b___stpads as it will mark your bra's. It is a question of trying different ones and see what works for you. It isn't the nicest smelling one but it did the job for me!



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