Nipple Stimulation

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tried of being pregant - January 2

what is nipple stimulation? and how do you do it.


Lisa - January 2

I was told to squeeze the nipple gently and spread the colostrum over the nipple. Then roll the nipple between the thumb and forefinger. Also to expose the nipple to sunlight for 3-4 minutes per day to 'toughen' them up, in preparation to feed. Nipples can become sore and bleed during b___stfeeding, it's very painful.


Jessica - January 3

I have also heard that for preparing your nipples for b___stfeeding you can take like a semi rough wash cloth and scrub them for a few moments.


tried of being pregant - January 3

i need it so i can go into labor i am going to bottle feed


Kris - January 5

I am trying to have my husband squeeze my nipples to toughen them up. It is very painful to me though. I have him rub and ma__sage them gently and it still hurts. I am worried I will not be able to b___st feed. Any suggestions on how to get past the pain and sensitivity of my nipples??


tried of being pregant - January 5

a warm washrag is what my dr told me to try. and its been working so far


Mellissa - January 6

Everyone I've spoken to, including my midwife who is part of the LaLeche league says that it is NOT neccessary to prep your nipples for b___stfeeding. This is very old and outdated advice that didn't even originate with a doctor or midwife. Besides, how could rubbing your nipples raw with a towel or, squeezing the heck out of them compare at all to a baby's sucking 6-8 hours a day? Nipple stimulation, however, is said to bring on contractions because the manual stimulation of the nipples triggers the release of the hormone Oxytocin which, incidentally, is the hormone that is believed to start labour. If you are induced into labour at the hospital, a synthetic form of this hormone called "Pitocin" can be given to bring on contractions. It's why some people attempt nipple stimulation at home instead. The problem is, you have to do it 4-5 times a day for 15 minutes at a time (who has the time or paitence for that?) and, it often produces much stronger and more painful contractions than if you'd gone into labour naturally (just like using pitocin does) It is also supposed to be used only under doctor recommendation and guidance. As for worrying about pain during b___stfeeding, it isn't abusing your nipples prior to the baby's birth that prevents this. Breastfeeding isn't supposed to be painful and if your caregiver or a family member tries to tell you this, look elsewhere for b___stfeeding support. Although cracked nipples can occur in b___stfeeding Mom's, the painful stuff you guys are thinking of is fixed 100% of the time when your latch is correct. If, however, your nipples do start to get cracked, this couldn't have been prevented by attempting to toughen 'em up now and may indeed just make it worse. Just like your baby's bum, allow your b___sts some time to air-dry after each feeding, use a cream like laninosh on them (which doesn't have to be wiped off before the baby feeds) and, the best method: rub a little bit of b___st milk into them after each feeding and allow it to dry. Most women's nipples are irritated by having someone sucking on them all of time but they're made for that purpose.



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