No Braxton Hicks

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1st time mum - August 16

I am 32 wks and have not had any Braxton Hicks contractions Is this normal as most of the books i have read say you get them after 20 weeks?


Maureen - August 13

I wish I knew what Braxton Hicks are. Are they contractions or something like that? You know something like you feel them every 30 seconds? Because I am 32 weeks pregnant today, and I haven't felt that if that's what it is. Mind you, I feel alot of stretching in my stomach and it hurts me esp. at night. Is the stretching Braxton Hicks? Please, if somebody could answer this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Kristen - August 16

I'm 33.3 weeks and havent experienced any either!!! I think some people just dont have them.... A braxton hick is a practice contraction, just tightening of the stomach in preperation for the real deal! They are usually painless!


KiKI - September 14

Hi im also 32 weeks pregnant and i have experienced braxton hicks contractions, your abdomen tightens and and it feels like menstraul cramps.


[email protected] - July 28

I am 35 weeks and I have not had a single Braxton hicks contraction.. this is my first baby.. and it worrys me


chrissy - July 29

I havent had any either...I guess we could consider ourselves lucky because some women have a lot of pain from them...I heard they can be very painful.


Amber M. - July 29

Same here, i'm 33 weeks and no braxton hicks that I know of!


S. - July 31

i havent had any either, i am about 32 weeks... i posted about this last week and was told its normal.


Amy - July 31

I have 3 kids now and with my first baby I never once had braxton hicks,so you just got lucky! Not all get them! Good Luck!


c - August 1

not everyone gets braxton hicks. i have been having them since about 28 weeks and am now 33 weeks. Your stomach gets tight and then realeases and it also comes along with a menstraul crampy feeling


Ash - August 1

This is my 2nd (I didn't have with the 1st) and I have had BH since 20 weeks. It doesn't hurt my abdomen just tightens up. I am 36 weeks now and it's getting a little nerve wracking becasue I'm afraid I won't be able to tell the difference from real & fake. I figure if it gets painful then I have something to worry about. It's more annoying than anything. Nothing is wrong with you if you don't get them.


Val - August 2

Hi I am 28 weeks prego an have not expieienced them either. Although it is possible I have and wrote it off as gas not sure.


Jodie - August 3

I didnt have them with my first 2 pregnancies but have had them a couple with my third


MM - August 3

I am 17 wks preg with #2. Braxton Hicks are when your belly tightens and gets hard. Not really painful. With my last preg i felt them here and there throughout the preg after about 20 wks. It is an odd feeling and once you recognize what it is you will always feel them


Shivani - August 8

I m 38 weeks and i have no braxton hicks contractions. I m afraid that whether it will lead me to c-section. I want a natural labor not C-section. Can any one help me with that?



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