No Epidural For Me This Time Really Scared Need Advice

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Andrea - July 21

So here is my story. I am 27 weeks along with baby number three. My dh and I own a small business so we do not have maternity benifits. When we found out I was expecting we called my obgyn and got a package deal on all my prenatal care. We did the same for delivery at the hospital. I assumed that price included an epidural. I went to the hospital this week to pre-register and was told then that the package did not include the charge for an epidural. They informed me that if I did want the epidural it would cost an extra $2500. I swear I nearly went into labor then and there. With both of my daughters I was induced and had an epidural. I have already told my obgyn that if I am going natural then I do not want to be induced. Even though I have given birth twice, I still feel like I have never experienced true child birth because of the epidurals. My dh says I am just being silly and that women have been having babies without pain medication since the beggining of time. I guess I am scared because I know what I am in for since I have given birth before. I just need to hear some positive natural birth experiences. Any advice would be great too :o)


Andrea - July 21

By the way I did find out that if I need an emergency c-section my insurance would kick in and pay for the delivery and the epidural.....thank God!!!


Jamie - July 21

Hey - I'm 36 weeks, and a military such, everything's paid for...but I was just informed yesterday by my OB that due to my low platelets, I can't have the epidural either. So...while I can't tell you what to expect, I can live in nervousness with you!


Jodie - July 21

I didnt have an epidural for my first 2 and plan on going completely drug free again. I felt fantastic after i had given birth to them, yes the labour hurt but as soon as it was over there was no more pain and i was able to get up straight away and go shower


miranda - July 21

Don't panic. What you need to do right away is get into a lamaze cla__s or at least read up on natural childbirth. The number one way to make your labor seem worse than it is is to not be informed about how to get through it. You need to learn how to relax, breathe, and MOVE. Don't lay in bed and scream in pain, it will be ten times worse. Walk, rock, get on the birth ball, take a shower, etc. In my lamaze cla__s my teacher said one thing that stuck in my head. She said that with each one of her natural labors she reached a point where she thought if the pain got worse she wouldn't be able to handle it. This is the point that women get epidurals. What they don't realize, is that the pain won't get any worse than that. The worst part is transition, which only lasts about a half hour, then the pushing part is actually relieving rather than extraordinarily painful. You can do it! Just get informed and make sure your husband is informed to help you and you'll get through it fine and even be glad you weren't able to get an epidural. Hope all goes well!


Andrea - July 21

Thanks ladies. I live in middle Tennessee and it seems like the majority of women in this area get epidurals. Like I said I am a small business owner. I have spent the day talking with my customers about natural childbirth. When I tell them I am not going to have an epidural they look at me in horror and ask why in the world I would want to do something like that. Even my doctor said that since I have had epidurals in the past more than likely I will ask for one in labaor and just deal with the cost of it later. I guess I am going to have to tell my doc, nurses and dh to not even offer it to me at all unless there is an emergency. I keep thinking that since this is my third baby mayby my labor will not be as long as my others. Does anyone know if natural chilbirth is faster than birth with pain maedication?


noams - July 21

Hi all, I had a natural birth for my first child 5 years ago and plan to again in november this year. My labour was quick and controled and the worst part of the whole thing was that the midwife stiched me up afterwards with out a local and that was more painful that the whole labour and birth. From day one of my pregancy I chose to think of the whole labour pain as positive because it would deliver my baby and the pain would end. I try not to plan the labour and just take it each stage at a time. I have read in many books that women who use pain relief during labour often have longer deliverys because the feeling to push is not as strong , it is much harder to have control. The second stage laster less than 2 hours, only 10 mins or less was the acrual pushing ( It felt like a burning pain ) But ended fast. Not using drugs can be better for your baby as well, some babies react to the drugs. Also you will recover much faster with out them.


Hally - July 21

I have had 2 natural births and 1 with drugs. By the time they give you the drugs the pain is at a stage where it will not get any worse, just stay the same.


Katharine - July 21

My first birth was at a hospital that didn't offer the epidural. It was scary at first, but I knew going in what the deal would be. It was fine. Sure it sucked, but it was doable. This time, I do not plan to use the epidural, even though it is available.


CEM - July 22

hi Andrea. i have had 1 medicated and 2 unmedicated births. i can with all my heart tell you that the 2 unmedicated were, by far, the most painful but also the most rewarding. with my first, i had an epidural and had no idea when to push. it took about 24 from start to finish, and recovering was a total nightmare. my second (without any pain relief) took about 20 hours, and i felt so much more in control of things. it's weird, but it was kind of like a supernatural experience. to actually feel everything, be able to feel your baby come out, gave me a total kick. it was SO amazing. and my last labour and delivery (also medication-free), lasted 5 hours from start to finish! it didn't even really hurt all that much. i know people say you forget the pain, but it really didn't! like one of the other ladies said, you reach a point where the contractions don't get any worse, and then it's time to push. i don't know about what your prior 2 births were like, but for me the pushing was the easy part. since this is your third, it will probably go quite fast and be less painful, since the first 2 paved the way. as far as good advice, i heard something once and tried to remember it while i was in labour: think of each contraction as a wave. it comes in, peaks, and then goes out again. so even though the pain gets hard, remember that it always subsides again. it also helps to welcome the contraction, as hard as that might seem. try to remember that each contraction that you have is one less that you need to endure, and is bringing you one step closer to meeting your little one. the one that this is mostly all about! i wish you the best of luck :o)


CEM - July 22

i forgot to say that recovery is also much faster and easier when you haven't had an epidural. with the epidural i felt like i'd been run over by a truck, i swear it hurt even to blink! but with the last 2 i was up and running (almost!) the same day.


Andrea - July 22

Thanks to all of you!!! I have been reading on line about the different methods of childbirth. I conacted a lamaze coach and signed up for cla__ses. I am starting to get excited about natural childbirth. I had a long talk with my dh and he is totally with me on everything. I know he is going to make a great coach. Now I am just praying for a quick labor and delivery :o)


dani - July 22

I just had my baby 11 days ago. Drug free. I was induced. Luckily it was very fast less than 2 hours. Toward the end I said forget this give me the pain medicine. Luckily I was at 10 no time so ready to push. At the time I was thinking why in the world do people want to do this drug free? I kept saying I can't do this. But you know what I'm so glad I did. Recovery was very quick. My 2nd baby was also drug free. I guess you forget exactly how the pain feels. I didn't take any lamaze or breathing cla__ses. I think if you are prepared and focused you can do it. Hopefull you will go fast!!



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