No More Hiccups

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DDT - February 9

I am 38w5d and for the last 4-5 days I haven't felt my baby have the hiccups. He would usually get them at least 4 times a day. Is it because he is engaged now? is this something I should worry about (eg. level of amnotic fluid)? I still feel him move his legs/feet but thats about it. Thanks for any feedback!


HEATHER - February 10

GREAT question!!! I am only just over 36 weeks and used to feel hickups ALL The time, EVERYDAY but havent felt them either the last few days. I thought it was wierd. I also went for a NST the other day cause I dont feel him moving very much either. I was wondering if he is engaged and just kinda stuck with not much room.


DDT - February 10

HEATHER: I guess we are the only ones experiencing this. I asked the same question on the Infant Care forum and one lady responded saying that she experienced the same thing around 38wks. I will mention this to my doc at my next appointment on Tues.


cyclemom - February 10

I've actually noticed the same thing. I'm 39w3d. Let me know what your Dr. says. I would think as long as your baby is still moving, it's probably okay. I think the hiccups happen when amniotic fluid gets in the windpipe. maybe he's switched positions that make it less likely for that to happen. I'm not sure though. Good Luck!


Jadejewels - February 10

Wow come to think of it I'm 32 weeks and I have not felt the baby have hiccups once yet.... Could that be bad???


DDT - February 12

Well, I have felt him have hiccups twice now over the last 3 days. I was so happy to feel them!!! They were pretty faint and he didn't have them for long but I did feel them REALLY down in the crotch area. He must be fully engaged...39w1d and counting!...


DDT - February 12

Jadejewels: I started feeling hiccups around 30wks but not all the time. Usually I would only feel them as I was laying in bed in the morning being really still. But he started getting hiccups regularly around 35-36wks. I know not everyone feels baby having hiccups. If you are concerned maybe ask your doc about it at your next visit.



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