No Signs Of Change At 39 Weeks

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lori - May 16

Am I the only one that has not had a single sign that things are changing even though I'm in my 39th week. I have had no BH contractions (ever), no increased discomfort, no increased need to urinate, no show, no plug, no urge to nest ;o) - no nothing. I have this feeling that I will be well into my 42nd week before anything gets started. Did anyone else not have any signs at all and then all of a sudden just go into labour? My Dr. did say the baby has lowered but I can't tell the difference.


Tillie - May 16

I'm wondering you if you can't tell the difference since your baby has dropped that maybe you haven't noticed other things, too--like Braxton Hicks. I happened to be on a fetal monitor yesterday and apparently was having LOADS of BH contractions and I didn't even know it! So you might just not notice them. Which could be good for you when labor comes? Whatever you feel right now, you'll have your baby in three weeks or less, so I'd say just enjoy these comfortable last few weeks!


lori - May 16

It never occured to me that I could be having them and not notice. I hope that's the case. Maybe I won't feel most of them during labour too (dare to dream, ha ha). But it is good to know that maybe things are going on that I just don't know about. Thanks.


mishy - May 16

honestly I didn't either with my first pregnancy. many people don't. I also felt that b/c I had no signs I was going to go over then my baby arrived at 39wks 3 days. Drs will even tell you that they can see a women in the morning and not know that she will go into labour that afternoon. Its so hard at this stage I know, the not knowing when, but try to stay calm and relaxed. You will need all your energy for when it happens. Mine was only a 2.5 hr labour first time so you could literally be feeling nothing now and a mother in 8 hrs time. Good luck!!


lori - May 17

Thanks mishy, good to know not everyone has a bunch of signs. And Wow, a 2.5 hour labour that sounds a h#ll of a lot better than the 14 to 20 hours I usually hear about. I hope I'm so lucky. Was it a smooth 2.5 hours?


mishy - May 18

Well, turns out I don't feel contractions. I was already in hospital to be induced the next morning b/c of my gest diabetes. They asked me to arrive at midnight, which I did, and they told hubby to come back at 7am when they would start the induction process. They did a routine check at midnight and I was having contractions 5 mins apart that I could not feel at all. She checked and I wasn't at all dialated so she left me to sleep. I woke up at 3am with period pain, went to the loo (turns out my waters broke then, just 3 little clear drips of water that I mistook for pee) and then by 3.30am I was in immense pain and buzzed the midwife begging her to "help me! help me!". She did an exam, said I was fully dialated and told me to push. I went into shock - my DH wasn't there (the hospital called him then of course) and I was thinking, hang on, aren't we skipping a few steps?? And I did not get that uncontrollable urge to push. So I kind of fake pushed, knowing that if I waited 20 mins DH would get there, and fighting it made it so much worse.. DH arrived at about 4.15am (he said when the hosp called they said "take your time, its early days yet" so he had a shower, stopped to get fuel on the way etc)..!!. My dr arrived at about 4.45am. My son was born at 5.30am by ventousse extraction - turns out he had a big head and that's why I couldn't get him out. People think you are lucky to have a short labour. I think short means very very intense with no rest stops.. also I felt my body didn't have time to get ready.. so maybe a longer labour would have been a bit easier to cope with? I don't know. My target the next time is to try to stay calm and not fight it and to listen to the midwive and do what my body wants, not what my head it trying to figure out to do.. .. the point is tho, I had no signs, none of the signs you read other people get. No back pain, no braxton hicks, nothing...


mishy - May 18

sorry I didn't mean to type such a long post.. TMI I am sure.. :(


krista-lee - May 18

me too lori! im 39 weeks tomorrow and nothing. i lost my muscus plug about 5 weeks ago, so im sure its grown back since then. 0 dilation, 0 effacement, but i do have to pee a whole lot


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 18

I am a little over 38 weeks and have not really noticed anything either. I am gettind really frustrated and depressed. I want this baby out! My doctor is irritating me as well because I feel like he asks questions then when I answer them he does not pay attention. I just want to have my baby! I am so sick of people saying "oh you havent even dropped yet" blah blah blah. I just want her out of me!


lori - May 19

Good to hear I'm not alone. I'm 39 weeks and four days today and still Dr. will do my first internal next tuesday if I haven't gone into labour before then. Tuesday and Wednesday nights I couldn't sleep at all, so I thought maybe something was going on, but last night I had a good nights sleep again - so who knows. I just finished a treatment for a yeast infection (thrush), sorry, tmi, but as if I really needed to deal with that at this point in the game. Mishy thanks for the story, I hope I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't want too quick a labour, particularly since my husband works 1.5hrs away and doesn't drive home every day. But those super long labours sound just exhausting. And Kayla_ I know what you mean about being ready, people always ask when I'm due now and when I tell them they say things like "should you be driving", "shouldn't you be in bed" , I mean I can't just stop moving until the baby comes - who knows, that may still be a week or two away. I hope you all have your little bundles of joy soon.



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