No Stretch Marks Yet

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gjk - January 3

Hello, I am 27 weeks and have not gotten one stretch mark yet. The doctor even commented on it at my last appointment. Can they come later in my pregnancy, or will I just be lucky? It's quite crazy cause I feel huge. I have gained about 25 pounds but is all belly, so I'm surprised that I dont't have any. I wonder if Iwill have a big baby cause all my weight in in the tummy area.


Sonia - January 3

I'm 36 weeks and haven't gotten stretch marks either. My weight is all belly too, I guess because I'm pet_te, and I'm very constant with the Cocoa B___ter to prevent them. I love showing it off!!


mel - January 3

I'm 28 weeks and don't have any. I never got any with my first pregnancy either and I gained 50 lbs and NEVER oiled or lubed my stomach up. (I was a little lazy about that sort of thing) I think some of it has to do with your skin type. some women get plaqued with them regardless of what they do.


Becky - January 3

I have heard that it is pretty much all genetics. That there's nothing you can do to stop them, since it is the second layer of skin that they form in, and any lotion/cream only goes on the first layer. All lotion does it make it so you don't itch.


Renea - January 3

It is all dependent on the elasticity of your skin. This is my 4th pregnancy and I haven't gotten any with any of them, and I never used any of that cream junk either. Just be thankful you haven't gotten any and if you do get them-just be thankful that you got them for a reason. =)


MichelleB - January 3

I didnt notice any stretch marks until after labour, and they are all on my hips and lower back, none on the tummy, which I am thankful for. (also major ones on my b___bs!). Good luck!


dani - January 3

I already had my baby (Dec. 29th) but I gained 43 pounds and didn't get any stretch marks.......thank god! I thought for sure I was going to get them but didn't. I think it's all in the genes too, if your mom had them then most likely you will get them too. I would religiously put on Palmer's Coco B___ter and Madela. I think the combo was great and helped a lot.


M.F - January 3

Im 38 weeks and have'nt got one yet. I did start using pure vitamin E since about 3 months pregnat and palmers cream to. Maybe that help or it was just luck.


a bird - January 4

I'm at week 25 & have always tended to get stretchmarks with any kind of weight gain, but I've gained 15 pounds to this point & no stretchmarks. Maybe because this is a more natural weight gain???


andrea - January 4

with my first baby I didn't get them until a month or two before I had her.It started with one little mark and they just got worse up until the end. I just hope they don't get any worse with this one. I can't handle any more of them. So, if you see any little red marks forming on your belly it means they are coming-hopefully you won't. I was wondering for any of you that have had two kids-did your stomach tighten back up to normal after the first and if so, did it tighten back up after the second. Tighten as in return to the pre-preg. belly?


courtney - January 4

i didnt have any when i was 27 weeks either, i was ecstatic!! but...then about 3 weeks later my belly was fullll of them, :oP its gross, but ive seen worse i guess. i used cocoa b___ter EVERYDAY, and it didnt help. everyone says its in your genes. i would recommend the lotion "dramatically different moisturizing lotion" by clinique for your belly. ive been using it on mine for about 3 weeks now and ALREADY see a dramatic difference i the color of mine. they are fading fast. or, start using "belly b___ter" by palmers. its really nice, and u can almost feel it workin!! just to prevent them....!! good luck and i hope your belly stays beautiful!



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