No Stretch Marks Yet Are They Coming

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Emy - December 20

Has anyone gotten bad strech marks after 32 weeks? I have no sign of them and am hoping I am one of the lucky mom never had them. But, I know it is not over yet as I still have 2 months left....What might the damage be? lol...


Counting Down - December 20

I am just over 33 weeks and I started noticing some little ones a couple of weeks ago but towards the end of last week they have become much more noticeable. Ugh!!! I guess it's true that sometimes you just can't avoid them. I have been lathering on stretchmark creams since the 1st trimester....didn't do much good, lol. Not sure yet if the bikini is going to be a lost cause...time will tell, but it'll all be worth it!


heather - December 20

I got all of my stretch marks with my first daughter in the last 4 weeks. sorry. but the fact that your mom has none is good hope. my mom and sisters all have them.


Lori - December 20

I'm 34 weeks and thought I was doing good, no marks, and lots of lotion.....then overnight, there they were. On my stomach, my b___t, my thighs, my hips....I give up. All that expensive maternity lotion for nothing.


GD - December 20

I agree with all the girls, i had absolutely nothing and i thought great! but starting from week 35 i believe i started noticing them below my belly b___ton and to the sides. I am currently 38 weeks and i have more. It's true you can't do nothing about them, i keep using cocoa b___ter lotion not to get rid of them but at least to smooth them out and make them less noticeable.


anita - December 20

stretchmarks are hereditary, so if your mother, sister or other women in your family don't have them, chances are that you'll be luck too.


Jaime - December 20

With my first child I didn't get one strech mark,but I was 24 then...Now I'm 31and 28 weeks pg.I have a few and it seems that every day they get bigger and longer.I noticed I started getting them around 21 weeks.Im not happy about it but what can you do!


Jaci - December 20

I am 39 weeks & 5 days (due on the 23rd) and I have not had one. Not even anything that looks remotely close to being a stretch mark. My mom had 3 kids and didn't get any until her 2nd baby had dropped towards the end. Also, I have not used any lotion to prevent them. I do occasionally put on some baby lotion (maybe 1 x every 2 weeks or so) so, I don't think lotion helps any.


dani - December 21

I'm almost 39 weeks with no stretchmarks yet?? My mother didn't get any so I figure I'm might be one of the lucky ones.


zora - December 21

Ive got tiny little red dots but not lines like I got with my first. Keep moisturising your belly and anywhere else that is prone to getting stretch marks, ya never know you may just be one of the lucky ones :)


zora - December 21

p.s. try not to scratch as this only makes stretch marks worse :)


Crystal - December 21

Hi ladies...i just wanted to say that my doctor told me that lotion and creams will not affect if you get stretch marks or not. She said it's good to keep moisterized since your stomach is so dry and itchy...but in the end, if you're gonna get em, you're gonna get em. My sister used cocoa b___ter several times a day her entire pregnancy and has tons of stretch marks. BUT my doctor did say one thing that will help with preventing them is to wear a maternity belt, since most of the stretching comes from all the weight in your tummy pulling down your skin, a maternity belt holds your belly up and doesn't let it pull down. I've been wearing one (for back pain), but not the first stretch mark. So I don't know exactly all the facts behind this, but it just might be worth a try!! Good luck to you all :)


Jenny - December 21

I got most of my marks the last three weeks. I never used creams, and the only strech marks that I do have are two on each hip.


Rachel.R - December 21

All you ladies that didnt get them.. your SO LUCKY !! my stomach looks like a city road map.. it is horrible.. and lower down just above my pubic area, there are a few really thick ones.. they look really deep.. nothing i did stopped them... I cry whenever i look at my scared up belly, my boyfriend tells me it doesnt matter to him.. but i know deep down he is probably totally disgusted, and hates seeing me naked. Im 36 weeks pregnant.. and I know they cant get any worse than they are now... I just hope they will fade to that light silvery colour. Cause at the moment there raspberry red.. boo hoo :-(


AlyciaGordan - October 3

I'm in week 40 of my pregnancy with no stretch marks. I am on my 3rd order of Dermelastic serum. They last me about a month each and I started using around week 24. I do not have a genetic history of stretch marks (Mom, Sister), but still wanted to make sure I took care of my growing stomach and prevented what I could. Seems to have worked!


LouWindler - May 17

I used stretch mark removal dermalmd serum through my pregnancy twice a day (from 12 weeks) and didn’t get a single stretch mark. I’d 100% use it again and would highly recommend it.



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