No Tuna I Know I Should Know This By Now

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mgn - February 12

i had my doctor appt today and doc told me NO TUNA b/c of mercury........well, i am 7 months along and while i dont eat much tuna i do eat it once in awhile. i buy the tuna light b/c i read that the light is safe for preggos?? now i am upset b/c i have eaten it probably a handful of times during my pregnancy. anyone else hear that tuna light is safe?


jenice - February 12

Oh good grief...I can't believe your doctor decided to tell you that NOW. I don't know about tuna light versus regular tuna, but I do know that tuna won't be doing anything super bad to baby. Unless you were eating, like, a can every day for the last 7 months. And a "handful of times" doesn't sound like much to me at all. Don't worry about it. I guess, if it bothers you, just don't eat any more until you deliver. Although, baby development is pretty much done by this point, so I don't think it could possibly have any effect at all on baby. And don't be upset about having eaten it in the past! Doctors have this "list" of things they tell us to stay away from...and it's mostly because if something, anything goes wrong with the birth, or if baby isn't developed properly, they can't be blamed for bad advice. Yada Yada. Tuna is fine. Just don't eat it day and night. (like anything else...excessive amounts of anything can be bad for you!) I'm impressed that you've been able to handle the smell! Kudos! (Tuna has been one smell that has not been good to me this pregnancy! You're my new hero!) My rule is, if I can get it past my nose, my body is fine with it! :)


jennifer_33106 - February 12

Actually I have heard that it is ok to eat tuna once a week. I personally dont listen as well as I should. I have eaten deli meat and hotdogs. Drank an Odouls and eaten Tuna. So far so good. Oh and also ate meat and eggs undercooked. hahaI think you are ok. :)


Astra - February 12

I don't know what your doc is on about. I looked up a list of safe fish for pregnancy, you can get pretty good lists on line and light tuna is on the ok list to eat once a week (I think 6oz), for sure once is a while. You don't want to overdo it with any fish in pregnancy because of mercury concern but there are many fish that are ok to eat once a week. Don't stress, I've eaten tuna, shrimp, tilapia, cod and haddock not all the time but every once in a while.


sarah21 - February 12

My midwife recommends tuna for the benefits of the fish oil and also it is a good lean source of protein. As long as you don't eat it every day (twice a week is fine) then don't worry.


Sims1 - February 12

well i know there's all that hub bub about fish and what to and what not too, but i ate sushi -spicy salmon rolls, a few times throughout my pg. and it was yummy and i gave up the feeling guilty part. because i'm sure even the fruit we eat is ridden with worse here's to eating fish.


bellybubble - February 12

Hi all - well I eat canned tuna - my doc said anywhere up to twice a week is fine - she basically said just be sensible and in moderation. I am sure you and bub will be fine mgn - it is hard not to stress though with so much conflicting info out there!


Nemo - February 13

Ive eaten it a handful of times during my pregnancy too. I'm not worried because I think if there was enough mercury and a couple of portions of tuna to harm the baby then people who have tuna sandwiches for lunch every day would be in real trouble.. and they dont seem to be. Like lots of things I think the advice is cautionary and to stop people binging on stuff that could potentially cause problems in high doses...


tish212 - February 14

I ate tuna through my whole pregnancy I was craving tuna fish salad sandwhiches and my dd is fine. each dr has a different list they read from though lol has anyone noticed that? to each is own... I think its if u only eat tuna and nothing else that a problem could arise but to just eat it occasionally as u said u have should have no ill effects


mgn - February 15

well thank you for all of your advice.



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