No Weight Gain Bubs Measuring Very Small

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dee23 - May 24

h__lo all, thx for reading my question. im 32 weeks and have a docs app tomorrow. my last app was at 30 wks, 2 weeks ago. bubs was measuring 2 weeks smaller than he should, and this week i havent put on any weight what so ever, ive actually lost a kilo (bout 2.2pounds). will the doc be mad? i mean is it normal for that to happen? im having anxiety was it seems about going to tomorrows so worried that bubs has not grown or only grown a week or so....i just need some words of wisdom to help me through this last day before i find out what the h__l is going on. thank you kindly.


miraclebaby - May 25

sorry no you have not had a reply yet, I honestly do not know if that is normal or not, because I am gaining weight and my doc. told me to stop gaining . Listen , I am sure he will watch you. and Maybe you will have to eat more or drink power shakes or something. I am sure it will be ok. I wish you the best of luck :) :)


dee23 - May 25

thx miraclebaby. i have gained 9kg (19pound) thus far the whole pregnancy...just nothing in the past 2 weeks. i am worried. it is semi dissarpointing as i was expecting a big baby, as i was born 8p6 and dh born 9p+. im not sure what to think. im guessing my blood pressure will be up aswell tomorrow from my high anxiety about going.


Brittany - May 25

I've gained 16 pounds and I'm 33 weeks and 6 days. You have nothing to worry about. Is this your first baby? First babies are usually the smallest. I'm on my second and barely gained anything with my first and he came out fine. I think your worrying way too much, you still have a few more weeks to go to gain weight, you don't HAVE to gain what everyone else is or be on the guidlines. Our bodies are all different, be happy, you'll be able to loose the weight a lot easier after the birth with a lower gain.


dee23 - May 25

thx for ur feedback brittany. im not worried at all about how much weight ive gained during this pregnancy. im worried at the fact that i havent gained any weight over the past 2 weeks. but more so worried that little bubby was measuring 2 weeks early at my last appointment. he shouldnt be measuring early at all..infact i was shocked as i thought he would be bigger than he should be. im worried that he isnt growing properly. ill find out tomorrow, but i wanted to know if there is anyone out there who was measuring 2 weeks or more smaller for dates, and went on to have a bubby bigger than just a small 5 or 6 pounder, thx.


Olivene - May 25

Dee, please don't worry about the doctor being angry. I don't know if he will be concerned or not. I am 29 weeks and I haven't gained in the last 2 weeks either (I go back to the doc next week). I think it isn't too unusual to have growth spurts and slow-downs now and then. Try not to worry too much! Let us know what the doctor says. Think positive thoughts!


Evonna - May 25

I'm 29 weeks also and havn't gained much weight either. My b___bs aren't the biggest as i would want them to be but my nipples are huge! Hopefully i'll grow some before i deliever, lol. I think you'll gain what is needed and your b___st will enlarge soon. You do have along way to go so be patient.


Tillie - May 25

Dee, last week I went to the doctor's and found I had lost about 5 pounds. I don't know why, but the baby is still growing. I don't think it's "normal" to lose weight, and my doctor wasn't thrilled, either, but my guess is you don't have anything to worry about. Though the baby measuring small is of course stressful. I would chock it up to the position! My doctor told me that how the baby is positioned sometimes affects their external measurements, because many times my baby has been off by a week or two. Good luck! I'm sure you and baby are fine.


dee23 - May 25

thank you tillie, u gave me some hope. :)


jyotsna - May 25

I am 29 weeks and gained 20lbs.Had a 3d ultrasound 2 days ago and found out that bubs was measuring 2 weeks smaller as well.Was really stressed about it because both me and hubby were 9 pounders.But at my doctor's appt yesterday she a__sured me that every baby is different and have diff growth curves.As long as you can feel the baby kick regularly, you should be fine.They also scheduled another US in 3 weeks just to make sure the baby is growing properly.Hope this helps!


dee23 - May 26

well u girls were right..i worried for nothing. bubbie is measuring at 31weeks for my 32week appointment this all is good!


mishy - May 26

That's good news Dee, I posted elsewhere because I have a scan this Wed for same thing. My dr said I have had growth spurts then periodso of nothing this pregnancy rather than constant growth. Scan this coming Wed to check baby growth over last fortnight (at 34.5wks). I really hope my result is as good as yours!


dee23 - May 26

aww, good luck mishy....i know what its like to worry about bubbies growth.


JessDT - May 26

hi everyone, i just had a drs appt yesterday and was also concerned about the fact that i am 35 weeks and measured 34cm and lost 1 lb. but the dr didn't seemed concerned so thats good. is anyone else having trouble eating?? i'm just never hungry! and every time i look at food i feel less hungry (if that makes any sense) and i have been forcing myself to eat. which is why i lost weight. thanks everyone


skn331 - May 26

Jess, I am only 30 weeks, but I am forcing myself to now eat too. I gained 28 pounds by 27 weeks and now, 3 weeks later, I have lost a pound and have no interest in food at all. My doc hasnt said anything about it yet, but I too am having a scan done to check the baby's size next week. He says I am measuring fine, but he wants to check anyway. The way he kept rea__suring me that everything was fine made me think something was wrong! If he had just said I want to do a scan next week to check everything out I would have been fine. After he said 8 times, I am sure everything is normal, I just want to look..... Gah! now I am fretting!


GraphxGirl - May 27

My baby was small when I was 27 weeks. I had to go back for another ultrasound a month later and the baby caught right up on his weight and is doing well. I have only gained 16 pounds and am 33 weeks now. Like the others have said, everyone is different... just like every pregnancy is different. The baby can have periods of growth being slow and other times have spurts. About the not being hungry issue... I am going through the same thing. I rarely feel hungry and force myself alot of times to eat. Nausea has set in also.


mishy - May 31

Hi all, had my scan 2day, baby is small, water around her is also reducing but ob/gyn not concerned b/c I have been really sick. Prob is her bladder was "enormous".. they scanned again an hr later to see if she had pee'd and she had a bit but bladder still huge.. another scan 2moro now to see if there is a blockage.. blockage means delivery or surgery to insert catheter from baby bladder to the water sack.. Anyhoo.. will keep u updated



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