No Weight Gain In Third Trimester

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MrsIke - June 30

Hi ladies, im currently 33 weeks pregnant. I have complete previa, and I also measure 38 weeks (which according to American Pregnancy Association), is typical of previa. I stopped gaining weight about 6 weeks ago, although I have not lost weight, Im still concerned that at a time when Im supposed to be gaining most of my weight, I am not doing so. The next time I go to the docs office, I will bring it up. I am wondering however, if anyone has gone through the same in regards to weight, and what their doctor had to say about it? Would appreciate any insight.


stefkay - June 30

I know my dr. told me it is common to not gain, and even lose weight in the last month. She also said most of the weight gain is between 20-30 weeks so I think you are ok, but ask your doctor anyways. If you baby is measuring fine then it is probably ok.


mjvdec01 - June 30

Just make sure you are eating as much as you should be and the right foods. To help your body retain the calories, you need to put yourself on a sort of 'bed rest'. If you aren't burning the calories they will stay with you and turn in to pounds gained. Although, if you are a heavier person (no a__sumptions), then it can be normal not to see much, if any weight gain in the third trimester. How much have you gained so far? I will be 37 weeks on thursday and have only gained 1 pound in the past 3 weeks. However, total so far I have gained about 40 pounds. Do ask your OB if you are concerned though.


mommaminchey - July 1

I am almost 35 weeks and for the last 4-5 weeks I have been losing a pound or so a week. It puts my total weight gain at like 13lbs. My docotor is not at all concerned and said I shouldnt be either. As long as your baby is growing that is all that matters.


MrsIke - July 1

Thank you for all your replies, I think Ive gained about 15 or so pounds, definately less than 20 pounds. I didnt start my pregnancy overweight so I am concerned or watching my weight either. With the previa, I am not allowed to do a whole lot. Im not even supposed to be walking, laying down as much as possible, which for the most I just at the computer. I havent been working for the last month either.


Teddyfinch - July 3

i think it also might depend on if you were overweight when you got pregnant. my doctor doesn't want me gaining any weight right now and i'm at 20 weeks. i've gained a total of 4 lbs so she's thrilled. and that was with me being on pretty much bed rest for the first trimester.



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