Non Stress Test

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Tasha - February 2

I called the Dr today since I havent been able to count 10 movements in a 2 hour span in the last 24 hours, I have felt movement but very light and not continious, has anybody else had this done? Was everything ok? I eat well and excersise everyday so Im a little paranoid. Since I have felt movement Im not extremely worried but she did say to go to the hospital today to have it done. Oh and Im 32 weeks.


Elle - February 2

Hi Tasha, at my 32 wk appt my doctor referred me for one NST a week, until delivery (because of my age and past history). So far, so good. The test is no big deal at all, in fact it is so rea__suring to hear the baby's heartbeat and feel its movements. My baby has days when it is not as active as other days too. I'm sure everything is fine - doctor's are very proactive and cautious these days. Good luck to you and let us know how things go!!


Kel - February 2

I have the same problems sometime. I will have very little and light movements some days, but then the next day she will be very active. I asked the doctor about it at my last appointment (on Mon) and he was like, "well, lets check" then he felt around my stomach and found that the baby was transverse. Then he didn't really say anything else. I figure maybe because the baby is transverse that is why I don't feel her as much. He didn't seem worried, but I still am paranoid.


Tasha - February 3

Thanks guys, it went well, it was nothing as well, she said it could be the way the baby is positioned as well, but was very supportive. She said anytime I have that concern to come in, they would rather I did that than nothing. I'll be worried until I see my little one in my arms!


Greta - March 11

I am 39 years old, and my doctor just ordered twice weekly NSTs starting at 31 weeks. I haven't had any problems or lack of movement, but he said it was because of my age. In his practice, he said it was routine for women over 35. Has anyone else heard of this?


jas - March 11

Im 37 weeks and have to go in 2 times a weeks to. But I have gestational diabetes, am 34, and my blood pressure has been climbing the last few appointments. I have heard the older you are the more they want to monitor. At least, that's what the military doctors do...



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