Non Stress Test Checking Fluid

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Trina_ - May 13

I go in on May 17th (my due date) for a non stress test and an ultrasound to see how much fluid is still around my baby. I don't know why but I'm worried....what if there isn't enough fluid...then what? Also...what is the non stress test about? I've read that they test heartbeat with movement or something like that....but what if the baby just isn't active during that time of day? Probably dumb things to worry about....but I'm getting down to the end here and I worry about everything!! I'm set to be induced on the 23rd....if nothing happens before then....and I'm worried about that too. Do most inductions end in C-sections??? Any help or answers would be sooo much appreciated! Thanks everyone!!! :o)


Chrissy - May 13

Hi Trina, I just had a non stress test on Friday. They hook some belts around you, one to monitor the baby, and one to monitor you, like if you have contractions or anything. Then they give you this little hand held device that has a b___ton and you push it whenever you feel the baby move. The monitor checks to see if the baby's heartbeat goes up with the baby moves, which it should. It's okay if you don't hit the b___ton if you're unsure if you felt the movement because the machine can still track the heartbeat. If it's a quiet time for baby, they'll have you change positions, lie on your side, etc, if that still doesn't work they will give you some juice, if that doesn't work, they will "buzz" the baby, with this little device that just vibrates and makes some buzzing noise. It does not hurt at all and does not hurt the baby at all. I know it doesn't hurt because she did it to my ankle to show me. It just felt like a ma__sager, like a tiny little vibration, absolutely harmless. It just sorta wakes the baby up. My baby was quiet at first but when I laid on my side it moved a little bit. Only like 5 times in the whole half hour though, but that was plenty to get the results they needed. About the fluid, if it is too low, they will probably induce you earlier. Have they been monitoring this at all yet? Mine has been low, so my doctor has been ultrasounding me every week to check it. I am actually getting induced on your due date, May 17th, but I'm not actually due until June 1st. So I'll be going in 2 weeks early. I was worried about why they wanted to do the nonstress test too but found out that that's pretty common and some people have them every week or even twice a week. I hope this eases your mind a bit. Sounds like they are taking all the normal and proper steps prior to an induction, at least from my understanding. Of course I am a first time mom so I don't know alot either. I am worried too about the induction turning into a C section too, especially since I haven't even hit my due date yet. I have heard some great stories, that the induction was a breeze, and then others where it ended in C section, so I guess there's no way to know, so I have tried to sort of not worry about it anymore since I guess it's out of my control. Anyway, I don't think you are worried about dumb things, I think you are normal and you sound a lot like me!Good luck! :) Chrissy


Trina_ - May 14

Chrissy...thank you so much! That was all very helpful. It does really ease the mind to know what is going to happen. Thanks a bunch! Good luck on Wednesday! Let us know how it all turns out! Best Wishes!


Been There - May 14

Trina, don't worry about the test unless they tell you there's something to worry about. I was overdue during my last pregnancy and had an appointment with the doctor about a week into being overdue. I pouted like a big kid and you could see I was ready to cry because the baby just wasn't coming. My behavior made the doctor tell me I could not leave the office without taking a stress test, something I was not scheduled for. I think she thought my bratty behavior was going to cause the baby problems. I can look back now and laugh about it. I think the stress is just a precaution. You should be fine. By the way, I don't know about most inductions, but my induction led to a c-section because my body just wouldn't cooperate. But I keep watching baby shows and lots of them don't go to c-section. So, it just depends. It's not dumb stuff to worry about. Of course you care about what's going on. Just try not to get to worked up unless there really is a reason to. Doctors just try to be pro-active sometimes, which is good because it's better they stay on top of things rather and not paying attention and something go wrong. Let us know when you deliver.


sara b - May 14

I was also overdue and went for NST's every two or three days from the time I hit 37 weeks. The night before I was supposed to be induced I went in for a last NST and I was having contractions. The nurse checked me and I was 3 cm. I went home to wait it out and when I still felt nothing the next day I went in for my induction only to find out I was 5 cm!!!! The dr. broke my water and she was born a couple hours later. I hope you do not have to be induced. They did give me a little pitocin to speed it along but it actually spaced my contractions out and made them irregular. I don't believe induction = c-section. I just think it might make your labor longer. I wish you luck.



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