Non Stress Test Results Freaking Out

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AmberNicole - October 18

So, ladies, I don't post very often, but I read other posts everyday. I'll start by saying I'm 29w4d, today. Well, last night I started having what I thought were constant BH contractions. I didn't sleep at all last night. I went into work this morning, and called my dr. as soon as they opened and let them know what was happening. They sent me to labor and delivery for a non stress test. As soon as they hooked me up, they told me I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes! Wow~ way too early for that. They checked me and I'm not dilated and my cervix is still long. They gave me a shot of Tributaline (sp?) and it did stop my contractions, but made me feel terrible! I'm home, now, but I've had some contractions since being home, but I'm afraid to call again and have to go back. I don't know what to do, but I'm really scared. I never had any problems when I was pregnant with my ds. Anyone have any similar experiences or any advice?


crrodgers - October 18

If the shot did not stop contractions and you keep getting them, you need to go into L&D and they will possibly make you stay there until it's safe to get the baby out. Rest a__sured that the baby will be fine if it has to come out now. They also should give you steroid shots to hurry the development of the baby's lungs. Best case scenario, the contractions just go away, worst case scenario, you have to vacation at the either case, you and your baby will be fine! Good Luck and keep us posted!


AmberNicole - October 18

Oh, my. I hope I don't have this baby girl, early. It just really worries me. I had my ds at 36 weeks, and was lucky he was very healthy. I also can't afford to not be at work, I don't get maternity pay, and I'm stressing about paying our bills...ah! The biggest concern is this baby, I want her to keep baking and be ok.


BriannasMummy - October 19

Amber try not to worry. My sister also started having contractions very very very early. Same thing happened to her that happened to you. She went to the doctor about the contractions, he sent her to l&d, she had a non stress test that showed contractions every 2 to 3 minutes. They also checked her cervix.. she was 2 cm dialated. They never gave her tributaline. They sent her home on strict bed rest.. she went the rest of her pregnancy having contractions, and she didnt have her baby until 42 weeks. So try not to worry. Things can turn out wonderfully. I agree with crrodgers though, if you are having contractions again.. you should probably get checked out again. ~Kristin~


Buffi R. - October 19

Same exact thing happened to me earlier this month around 28-1/2 weeks. I had some bright red spotting that morning, and went to L&D for monitoring. I was having painless (actually completely unnoticible) contractions every 6 minutes and I got the Terbutaline shots too. I actually had two shots before they let me go home four hours after I got there. I never dilated, and my cervical length is still a very healthy 5cm long. I've learned from this pregnancy that if I'm not keeping myself hydrated enough, every time I get lazy with the water, something like this happens, but this was the most scary incident. The nurses & my doctor all agreed I was probably dehydrated, which caused the frequent BH contractions. And they think the contractions caused the spotting I had that morning too, but nothing serious ever came of it. (knock on wood!) I have a history of pre-term birth at 32 weeks from a placental abruption, so believe me, my doctors don't mess around with me. If they had any reason to think the contractions were something more serious, I'd probably still be in the hospital today. I'm not even on bed rest or off work - no restrictions at all. Ever since that incident, I've been drinking lots more water, and haven't had a problem since. I'm 30w2d today.


Buffi R. - October 19

Duh...forgot to mention the point of my story.....Call your doctor if you're concerned, but also try drinking at least 8 oz. of water (or lots more if you can), lay down for about an hour and see if the contractions subside. If they're harmless BH contractions, they'll stop with a change in your position and from re-hydrating yourself. If they seem to get worse and closer together, that could indicate something more serious is going on.


AmberNicole - October 19

Thanks Buffi. They did check to make sure I wasn't dehydrated, and they said I looked perfectly hydrated. They were looking for keytones in my urine and didn't find any, and my urine was almost clear indicating I have been drinking plenty. I've had more contractions, today, but I need to get off my feet and see what happens. I had my ds at 36 weeks, so I just worry this one will try to come sooner.



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