None Of Your Business

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lindsay - April 16

this is just a rant and i just wanted to see if you girls know what i mean here... so now that we're "obviously" very pregnant, more strangers approach us about our babies, right? like "oh, when are you due, do you know the s_x, etc., etc." fine. but when is a a stranger's business if i'm going to br___tfeed my child or not??!! now, before i go on, i am a huge br___tfeeding advocate... i did it with my son and plan to do it with my daughter when she comes... i love it and think it is the most natural (albeit hard) thing to do aside from giving birth... and everytime i get asked this question by strangers, i answer "yes" of course, and they're like "oh, that's great, it's the best, it's the healthiest, etc., etc." so it seems that if i answered "no", i really get the impression they'd just be like "oh..." you know, kind of derogitory, or disappointed or something. do any of you girls get this all the time?? i feel bad for those of you who have opted to not br___tfeed, because now you've got strangers judging you based on something that is none of their business to begin with! not that it matters of course, what the heck someone you don't even know thinks, but come on! i am not an easily offended girl, but i am fairly private and i'm getting irritated about people i don't know asking about my br___ts!!!


Ducky - April 16

Me too. I didnt get when I was pregnant...But now my husbands family and my family as well have to ask me this very important question. They are family and I dont want to talk about it. I dont personally b___stfeed because of c-section I couldnt possition the baby right and he got hooked on the bottle, now every one blames his fussyness on me. Its really annoying, I hope this doesnt happen to you. Good luck.


ReneeM - April 17

YES! I know what you mean!!! It gets on my nerves so bad. I think i am getting to the point where I am going to ask these nosey, rude people why they think it is any of their business. No, I am not b___stfeeding but when you tell someone that they are like "Oh, Okay" like they are judging you as a bad mother. Like my neighbor who is b___stfeeding, she has to constantly throw it up in my face that she is BF and how I should. Why the heck is it any of her business? Sometimes I think when some people see pregnant women they just automatically find some personal question to ask, some pointless advice to give, or just make some stupid remark. And these people don't even realize that they are really dealing with a ticking time bomb, with all the hormones floating around in a pregnant woman's body they really should back off! Sorry just thought I would vent some too! I think we need to just come up with a list of smart comments to say back to people when they say something stupid or ask a personal question!! You can tell that I am 8 mos pregnant with some major hormones! LOL!


Karen_Fletcher - April 17

hi, im still in the second tri but wander all over the forum.... i agree that its irritating... i feel like when they ask me a personal question about my plans, i just wana ask how their s_x live is!!!!!!! see how they would like it!!! i have personally decided yet, but think i will opt not to, but in our hospitals (i live in the UK) it is almost forced onto you by the midwifes :oS Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies :o)


yungmama - April 17

I have been getting the same question. Just don't answer when people ask you . Politely say "I don't mean to sound rude but don't I don't feel comfortable talking about that with you." I have been asked some god awful things by one person I just met a few days ago. She asked if I was married, If I was happy about the pregnancy, If I was b___stfeeding, And the best of all was "Are you like really h__y since you have been pregnant?" The last one made me want to smack her because she also asked it right in front of everyone in my office. They all looked at her in amazement.


Tye - April 17

I just say I don't know-thats a personal decision for every woman and either way both are perfectly fine! Or I'm too shy to talk about such things!


AML - April 17

I would tell them its none of their business if they are strangers asking me!!



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