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jenbabe - February 12

I am used to bh contractions by now.. .but I was just wondering... everytime I get them, I can feel my face heat up, and get totally flushed, and it kind of gets harder to breath.. it kind of scares me that MAYBE when I get them my blood pressure gets really high? I dont know if anyone else experiences this, but if I do this with bh, I'm scared what the real ones could do to my body.. Just kinda worried...


cyclemom - February 12

That happens to me sometimes too. I get BH every 4-15 minutes day and night (and have for a month now). Sometimes they are SO uncomfortable. I notice that occasionally I will get flushed and short of breath. I notice that I get more short of breath on the stronger contractions. The stronger ones feel tighter and even seem to raise my uterus higher, so I figured that why it gets harder to breath. Have you had BP problems before?? If so, you should call your Dr. Maybe at your next visit they can check your BP during a contraction. Bad BH contractions are a great time to practice relaxation techniques that might come in handy during true labor!


SaraH - February 12

They sometimes make me really short of breath too, although I don't think I've even felt hotter b/c of one. It does get more difficult to breath though and I believe that this is just due to the uterus hardening up and pushing against your diaphragm making it harder to expand your lungs fully. Just try to relax during the BH as best you can and breath as calmly and deeply as you can. I often have to just kind of try to focus on breath through them and relaxing as much as possible.


DDT - February 13

Sometimes I get short of breath when I get a BH...never accompanied by a hot flash though. I find trying to breathe deeply helps get through some of them. You may be getting hot because you're so focused on the pain and the actual contraction...just a thought. Tell your doc if you're concerned about your blood pressure though. GL.



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