Normal Blood Pressure

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Krissy - October 11

I was just wondering what is considered a normal bp when pregnant? They usually judge it by your weight and height, but you gain so much during pregnancy. Do you go by orginal weight, or current weight? Just wondering because mine was a little high last appointment, and I wanted to know whats "normal"


susie - October 11

I have up and down blood pressure. But my doctor told me that they dont worry about the top half its the bottom half that they worry about during pregnancy... They told me a normal bottom half of bp would be about 80. mine the last time was 137/80 so it was perfectly fine


holly - October 11

hi krissy. my blood pressure has gone up considerably. I actually have been diagnosed with preeclampsia. In the first 28 weeks, my blood pressure was great. my bottom # was early 70's. So my normal BP was aroun 115/74. At my 32 week appointment my bp (bottom #) went up to 84. the week after that, it was up to 94! I have since been put on bed rest. My doctor is worried because all my earlier bp checks were so good, and now they are so high. Just try to take it easy. Do you have a stressful job? Did your doctor mention anything to you? If he/she didn't, then i am sure there isn't anything to worry about.


NG - October 11

When pregnant women first start going to checkups the doctor or midwife will get a base line blood pressure for each of us ( a starting point). Some womens blood pressure will be high, some low but that could be normal. So the doctor will compair future reading to the original ones to see if there is a dramatic gain or drop, this will tell them if there could be a problem.


L - October 12

My doctor said not to worry about it unless the high was over 140 or the low was over 90. She said if this was occurring, it could be pre-eclampsia. My pre-pregnancy bp was always really low like 95 over 58. It's now like 117 over 72.



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