Normal NOT To Have A Show Or Mucus Plug Loss

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mary b - March 3

I am due in a few days and have been having major cramping, and shooting pains in my va___a...But i have yet to "see" any other evidence of labor beginning...NO show or mucus plug loss....the pain i have is def contractions but they only lasted for about 4 hours and were anywhere from 8-15 min apart...when i went to bed they went away...Is it normal not to loose your mucus plug/ or bloody show? I just seem to continue to have discharge...Anyone else due now and haven't "seen" anything?


Tammy276 - March 3

Yes, it is normal not to have bloody show or loose your mucous plug.....your mucous plug may just be coming out slowly as more discharge. I've been having major cramping and contractions for like 2 weeks now, along with the shooting pains in the v____a...and the shooting pains go on not just once in a while, when they start, it goes on for hours and then gradually stops...and I don't know if I'm having contractions when its happening because I'm in so much pain down there, I'm not paying attention to anything else. YOu will know you are in real labor when your contractions are consistant.......every 8 minutes or whatever....and don't fluctuate.......we are all getting down to the end..I know I am ready to be done and I still have 3 weeks to go! I have a doc. appt. on Monday and am hoping to hear some good news.. My last appt. I was 3cm and 60% I am hoping I have made more progresss....with all this pain, at least if I have made progress, it is worth it!!


crystal74 - March 4

40 weeks 3 days, i too have been having very sharp stabbing pains and major cramping in my v____a and a__s the last few days and i haven't had a bloody show or lost my mucas plug. but i do have little white things in the toilet after i pee so maybe that's the plug breaking away.



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