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xoxticiaxox - February 7

Okay, I know a nose beleed or two is normal with it being winter and dry and everything, and they stopped for a while after I told my doctor about them...but now they come almost 2 times a day, and even at night when Im sleeping...anyone else have this...I have never had a nose bleed ever untill I got pregnant....and it does not seem very normal to me?


danimarie - February 7

I have read about I found an article about is TOTALLY normal: Is it common to get nosebleeds during pregnancy? Yes, nosebleeds do tend to occur more often during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily. You're especially likely to get a nosebleed when you have a cold, sinus infection, or allergies, or when the membranes inside your nose dry out, as they do in cold weather, air-conditioned rooms, airline cabins, and other dry environments. *** You may want to tell your doctor that you are having them a lot though...Im not sure what is a "normal" amount to get them. I have bloody snot when I b__w my nose almost all the time now, but have only had a REAL nose bleed once-but I also live in AZ and I am not dealing with cold weather at all. So you may want to mention the frequency and see what she says. Are they really really bad when you get them...or just minor?


DDT - February 7

A normal pregnancy thing...I had lots of nosebleeds during the second tri..I get them every now and then still but mostly I have bloody snot when I b__w my nose.


xoxticiaxox - February 7

Its not like pouring out of my nose, but its still enough that I need to wipe it up!


Natpink - February 7

I know just how your feeling, i have never had a nose bleed in my life, then during this pregnancy i started getting them, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking i got a runny nose and i get up and look and its a nose bleed. They dont last a long time with me but they are still annoying.


redhead125 - February 7

Mine come and go. It's never been a gusher, but mostly just lots of blood when I b__w my nose (sometimes more than others). Try using a humidifier at night--it might help. It is normal, but as always, it never hurts to discuss it with your doctor.



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