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Cerulean - October 16

I have a tiny stud nose ring and I was wondering if any of you ladies know if I have to take it out before labor. I don't plan on having a C-Section but I am not sure if they make you remove all jewelry if you do end up having to have one. I'm kinda worried because I have never taken it out and I'm not sure I would know how to if they asked me to. Thanks!


Happymommy - October 16

I can't remember exactly, but I don't think they said anything to me about jewelry when I went in to have my children. They were both born v____ally. I think maybe you just need to remove jewelry if you have to go into surgery, but I could be wrong.


emfine99 - October 16

I oculdn't see why you would have to? I took mine out when I found out I was pregnant... I liked my nose ring, but I figured since I'm getting older, it's time to take it out. Sometimes I wish I didn't! Maybe if you get one that just curves on the end and not a screw in one then it would be fine?


Pearl - October 16

I have several facial piercings and the only ones that I have EVER had to take out (keep in mind I've had two kids via c section) are the ones that are on/near my mouth. My lip ring & tongue rings are the only ones that have to some out. The rest (at least for me) we OK. The only reason they wanted the mouth ones out were in the case that they would need to give my oxygen or some type of breathing a__sistance. Hope that helps.


January - October 16

I've had my nose ring for 13yrs.. and I did not remove it when I had my son, nor do I plan to remove it this time.


Cerulean - October 16

Cool! Thanks ladies! Makes sense that they would only have you remove the ones around your mouth. =)


LIN - October 16

What?! Emfine, why would you take your nose ring out just because you're getting older? I'm 35 now, have had mine for around 15 years, and I'll have it when I'm 80 (along with my many earrings). Age doesn't mean anything.


LinLaceie - October 16

I had a tongue ring, and an industrial with other ear peircings, and not only did I have to take all that out, I had to take off ALL my jewelry, rings necklaces for my C-Section. Needless to say all of it's grown in now :( And my mom's had her nose pierced for a good 10 years and she's 50! She loves it and is thinking bout getting her tongue done :)


emfine99 - October 17

I'm not saying anything agians older people who have nose piercings or any piercings at all. I think it all depends on the person and I don't look down on people for it. For me, I felt that it was time to take it out. I liked it, but on me, I felt that it didn't mak me look as motherly. Keep in mind, I am from a very conservative family and a small conservative town and that has a lot to do with it I feel.


LIN - October 17

Why would you actually want to look motherly?


emfine99 - October 17

Why do you want to pick a fight with me about MY opinion on me wearing a nose ring? I like to look a little more conservative since that is the type of person that I am. Most people around here think piercings are trashy looking. I had one, and it was my time to remove it in my opinion. The end.


foxxy mommy - October 17

cerulean, the only way to find out for sure if you have to take it out is to call l/d and ask, every hospital has a different policy. but also depending on how long you've had your ring, it wont close up in the time it takes to have a baby, i can leave mine out for a couple weeks at a time and it doesn't close up, yeah it might hurt to put it back in but still, i do it anyway cause i like it!


LIN - October 17

I'm giving you a hard time (not picking a fight - learn the difference. People can disagree and talk about it without fighting), because you're blatantly saying that you care so much what strangers think about you that you're going to make the effort to conform to what you think they want. That's a sad att_tude. It sounds more like you're young and impressionable than too old for a nose ring. Who cares if you live in a conservative society. You didn't have a problem with getting your nose pierced before. Why now? You are who you are and shouldn't let your neighbors choose how you live.


inuk-mama - October 17

I have a monroe piercing and didn't have to take it out during labor. I'm sure that if there was a c- sec that you would have to though as it is surgery.


Steph - October 17

I've got a couple of friends who have their noses pierced and didn't have to take them out for a c-section. The only piercing I took out for my son's birth was my VHP because I was having him v____ally. I put it back in a couple of hours later.


angeev - October 17

I have several piercings and was told I could keep them as long as they were not causing me discomfort. BUT I was told to have all metal removed before labor and have replaced them all with accrylic retainers. The only special request was that the jewery in my genital piercing be breakable and I remove my tongue ring incase something went wrong and they would need to tube me or something.



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