Nosy Co Workers

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kmoselle - December 12

Does anyone else deal with this-- my co-workers ALWAYS come in and ask and look to see what I am eating for lunch. I am not sure why they do this, but they come in, ask what i'm eating then look at it. Why? Is it because I'm pregnant? They have never done this before. They never say anything more than, "oh, that looks good." Most days I eat healthy, but some days I do want a baked potato loaded with cheese, sour cream and bacon. I feel it is no ones business what I eat. It is becoming increasingly annoying, especially since half of them get so close they breathe all over my food. Gross! How do I deal with this without p___sing off the people I work with (who are also throwing me my baby shower)????


Kimmer23 - December 12

I would tell them to mind their own business. Even if all you did all day was eat twinkies, it's none of their business...this is your baby, not theirs. And, I would be upset too.


gummibear - December 12

Can you make jokes out of it? i.e. say something like "Are you studying my eating habits so you can feed me?" or "Are you the food inspector?" or "Why, are you planning a pregnancy? Want to know what you're in for?" and launch into jokes about pregnancy cravings. I found people were mostly just curious about whether I had specific (and odd) cravings, since people like to joke about pickles and ice cream. Another idea is, the next time they ask you what you're eating, ask them "Why, got something better?" and express LOTS of interest in their food, hinting that they feed you. There's no free lunch, and nobody (except our mothers) wants to be asked for food regularly, so they should get the hint to back off. Also, if people got too close to my food, I'd pull the food possessively to me and tell them they can't have any, in a joking way, and talk about how wrong it is to try to take a pregnant woman's food. Hope this helps!



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