Not A Question But Some Advice About PJ S And Stuff

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Gina - November 21

I have had 4 children already and preparing for no. 5. In the hospital after birth, you bleed and bleed all over everything. You sleep and it leaks. Don't spend a bunch of money of some expensive night gown. I plan on wearing hospital gowns. I nursed all my kids and never used a nursing bra. Unless they came out with something fabulous in the past 13yrs, I will continue to flip up my bra and feed. Just as simple, if not as. Worry more about nursing pads. Those are a must. Just the thought of your baby will make you let down and soak your shirt. Take them everywhere with you. I also never timed when I fed my babies. When they needed to eat or be calmed they were fed. I just read some of the stuff new moms are being told or think and just wanted to say, RELAX. You can do this even by yourself! I had 4 kids by 25 and did it alone with a hubby. No mother or mother in law at my side. It all comes natural, you will all be great!


impatientMamma - November 21

Thank you for the advice!!!! ...much needed!!!


Lizzy 36 Weeks - November 21

Thank you Gina!!! GL with No. 5!


Michelle - November 21

Thanks so much! They are bad in the hospital for telling you when and how long you should be feeding your little one! Thanks so much *hugs*


Lynn - November 21

Just to add, a friend of mine said to get Depends Undergarments for the first few days after baby instead of pads, get the ones that are like underwear so you don't leak all over everything.


J - November 21

Hey Lynn....that's a great idea. I'm going to be home forever (DH doesn't want our baby to go to daycare so I get to stay home as long as I want!!!) so that would be perfect! I will definately go and do that. Thanks!!!!


Lesley - November 21

Don't waste money on disposable underwear. You can buy cheap normal ones which last longer.


Lynn - November 21

Lesley- these are disposable underwear that prevent the leaking all over everything, Unlink wearing regular underwear & a thick pad, these are the pads built in and cover everything so that you can bleed very heavily and not leak all over your sheets, bed, couch, blankets, pjs, etc. They aren't very expensive either, about $10 for a package of 20 I think. If you figure about 5 days of really heavy bleeding, then its actually the same investment as buying cheap underwear you plan to throw away.


impatientMamma - November 21

Good idea, Lynn. Thanks!!!!


Gina - November 21

You will be bleeding what seems like forever. I remember week 5 and 6, it came and went. But b___stfeeding helps a great deal.


Beth - November 21

Thanks Gina! I thought the whole feed baby every two hours even if you wake em is ridiculous. I figure if they are hungry they will wake up! Good luck!


Lesley - November 22

Lynn, I wasn't refering to your post. I had no idea that they were disposable pants. I meant in general. I found it cheaper to buy cheap underwear. I am in UK. Gina, I only bled for 8 days. I have had absolutly nothing since in the last 7 days.


Heather - November 22

just a little input - I am extremely large busted, and I did use nursing bras with my first, when I tried to flip up my regular bra, my underwires were getting messed up, and my bras were getting stretched out. I did use a regular bra several times and if you are small busted it may not be bad, but I was an F before pregnancy and got huge after my milk came in and I wore a nursing bra 24 hours a day - I used the ones w/o an underwire to sleep in and with an under wire during the day. - But I do reccomend investing in tons of nursing pads!!!! When I would nurse from one side, I would double up on the other side, otherwise I would leak through my pads, bra and shirt!! Some of us are blessed with more than enough milk!!!!!! I also only fed my daughter when she asked for it! In the hospital they made me wake her up to feed. But I listened to my mom! - "Do what they tell you to do in the hospital, then do whatever is right to you when you get home!" Good luck girls!


Gina - November 22

Heather I agree with you. And in your situation, you need extra support. An average size woman might not. Lesley, only eight days! OMG, THAT IS A DREAM! Youre were lucky!



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