Not Having A Baby Shower

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R - December 29

Hi my family doesn't believe in baby showers, since a long time ago a few women in my family had stillborns. I would like to have a "meet the baby" party instead after he's born. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments?


hi - December 29

How do you feel about this? Do you feel like your missing out? The nice thing about showers is that you can get many items before the baby, but at the same time many women rarely get what they ask for. A meet the baby party would be a nice alternative, it would give you time to get to know the baby's personality so you can properly show him/her off to people.


terri - December 29

I agree that if your family doesnt do baby showers that it would be nice after to have one after the baby is born.. some ppl do this anyways. that way they know what color items to buy you.good luck!!


BB - December 29

I think this is a wonderful idea. Then everyone can see the baby and his/her room. You just need to make sure you have all the basics.


LRK - December 29

I know women who had baby showers after the baby was born too, terri. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe it is a new family tradition that you can start for your extended family!


Ginny - December 30

My mom was actually surprised when my friends threw my baby shower at 7 months. She didn't understand what we would do if there was no baby to pa__s around! So I think that's a lovely idea, and probably the least offensive to anyone dealing with the past.


SHelly - December 30

my son is due jan. 26,06 and My sisters are planning a baby shower after the baby. All i was told by some is "why after, what about the stuff you need now?" Im just going to stock up on what i need till then. I dont see nothing wrong with it, plus everyone gets to meet the baby! GOod Luck and Have fun!


rl - December 30

I think a meet the baby party would be nice and something differnt too good luck



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