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babyonboard16 - January 22

I know you ladies would know more about back pain and such than anytone else on here. Anyways I have a soft mattress that's wearing down so I think I'm going to get a new mattress, any suggestions on what would give good back support without being really hard? I've tried just about everything.


Gretta - January 22

Try the snoogle pregnancy pillow it helped me until about now! Gives you some support to lay on when you are on your side. Its about $60.


Tammy276 - January 22

you mean mattress wise? that is just a matter of personl opinion. I personally would like to get one of those comfort foam mattresse's that molds to your body's shape, but we can't afford it right now...Guess you'll have to spend one of your days at a mattress store laying on beds!!! good luck ;) the snoogle pregnancy pillow is a great idea also..I have one and it works good, well did no matter how I lay I am uncomfortable.


babyonboard16 - January 22

thank you for the advice i have a pregnancy pillow the kind thats shaped like a c but it doesnt help much im also a large person


Danielle26 - January 22

Here's a little tip on picking a mattress. The experts say to spend about 10 minutes if possible on the mattress in your favorite sleeping positions. A quick lay down isn't enough to tell if it's right for you. Also, definitely get the pregnancy pillow. I've had chronic back pain (I'm 36 weeks now) the whole time. I suggest chiropractic visits and lots of pillows in bed. GL!


MAT - January 23

The snoogle is a huge pillow that wraps around your body...I would take a look at it . I have one and I adore it (I am not pet_te either). It really is designed to work for differenlty sized people. You can shape it into different positions to make it work for you. I also have a foam mattress. We live in New England, so we bought ours at bob's discount furniture - it costs much less than the name brand tempurpedic. If you can't afford that, you could also try a mattress topper out of that material. I know a lot of doctors recommend the comfort select also. I would go lay down on some and see what feels good.



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