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Becky - November 28

I am at 30 weeks, and am barely showing. I am not overweight, and have been told by others that I only look about 3-4 months along My doctor has said that I am on schedule and doesn't seem to be worried, but I am. Does anybody else have this situation?


Amber - November 28

I WAS until about 2 weeks ago, now, GOD im huge. Not quite looking 30 weeks, but definanatly 20-25ish. Wait for it, it will come. One week i was wearing my jeans, now i can hardly fit in my maternity pants.


dew - November 28

I had the same problem, I gained weight but my belly didn't change for so long. Then one day I woke up and I had a huge belly! Don't let people worry you, everybody is different. If your doctor isn't worried and everything is OK otherwise, just go with the flow. As long as your taking care of yourself try to relax. good luck.


Jennifer - November 28

I will be 36 weeks on Thursday and you can tell that I am pregnant now but about 5 or 6 weeks ago people had no idea. When I sit down I look smaller than standing up. My ultrasound lady even said that I hide it well for being so far along but everything measures right so I am not worried. I would not worry about it but in no time you will show more and you will be like wow where did this come from. I think some people just carry and show differently. People think I am only about 5 or 6 months instead of 9 months!


mai - November 28

yeah im 38 weeks and no one can tell that i am pregnant, well at least i dont think they can, lol, they always look at me wierd and dont say anything about it, but i did get a comment from a 4 year old asking why my belly was so big? it was cute


Jennifer - November 29

I have gained about 37 lbs so far. I was about 115 lb before and it is a huge change for me to be big like this. I get so tired so fast when I am up walking around. My husband calls be buda as a joke!


molly - November 29

Becky, Yes, I am in a similar situation. I am 29 weeks and throughout the whole pregnancy people have been astonished at how far I am. They say rude things like "what is wrong with your baby, why are you so small?" I also am not overwieght, Im a fairly small person and always thought iwould have a big belly. But its just not very big. I had to stop paying attention to peoples comments and comparing my belly to other bellies! Here are some theories I've heard about why some women look small: your uterus is far back in your body and you are carrying your baby deeper inside. you have a long waist and there's lots of room for the baby without the belly growing outward. you have strong stomach muscles which hold the baby in tight.


Jennifer - November 29

I got those comments too! I hated it. At my baby shower it was the worst. People were like are you really pregant? It drove me nuts. I have also heard that if you have wide hips you might not show as much either. They baby sits back in there.


Anne - November 29

You are LUCKY!!! I'm 31 weeks with twins and i measure 43 weeks. IT HURTS! Count your blessings!


Stephanie - November 29

I carried on the small side for most of my pregnancy too, and got really sick of everyone being so shocked when I told them how far along I was. Now I'm huge, but I'm at 40 weeks.



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